Saturday, November 20, 2004

Blow UP

This entire thing with ABC is very interesting.

Personally, I do not care what they show on TV. As far as I am concerned, CBS could show "Deep Throat" at 3:30 pm if they wanted to, just in time for the kids when they come home from school

The most magnificent government has bestowed upon us with their gracious foresight and wisdom, television ratings. Those ratings, not only raise the prices of the service we are seeking (Who pays the salaries of the people who rate movies? If it is the production companies, you pay it in the end. If it is the government, you pay it in taxes.), but provide for standardization of content and avenues of personal responsibility.

I do not care what they show on televisions, but as soon as TV (this goes for cable, satellite, satellite radio, or even UHF) starts not to adhere to the ratings they have promised to adhere to, I get upset.

As a parent you could do your part (or at least the part the government expects you to do) and you kid could still end up seeing something that you do not want you kid to see.

That is a problem to me.

I would prefer that the government never got involved in the first place. I would prefer that the content providers would voluntary rate their selves, and follow the rules they set for their selves, but that is not the situation I find myself in. Instead I find myself with a regulation mired industry, and an intrusive government.

I do not think the FCC should regulate content, but they do. If ABC is fined, they should not be fined for content, they should be fined for misrating their content.


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