Monday, August 08, 2005

Video marathon
Automatic glock, I do not know why Glock makes automatic handguns, but they sure are cool.
MP-5 -this video is ok.
I would love to have one of these to mow the grass with.

Thompson - One thing I have learned from video games, short bursts.

Videos Galore - There is an entire list of videos here. They are really high quality.

The second one from the tops is real cool. An 80 year old shots a truck based machine gun in that one.

The third one from the top is the infamous glock video where the cop shoots himself.

There are some glock auto vids, and a belt fed machine gun vid, and a couple others that are there too. The last one has mortars.

Armoured Take vids - from inside of the tank. The guy behind the camera, per say, blogs here.

I would just skip to Falluja. Unstoppable is a must to watch also. IED is worth the wait. If you have time tankers is also worth a look.

A ton of gun videos here, via this post.

Home made fireworks.

Some guy was not trained how to shoot that cannon.

Governor cusses on camera.

What Judge Judy should do.

Awsome bug
A beginner shoots some gun stages.

An awsome remote control plane. That as got to break some rules of some kind.

North Korea market,0,773248,asx.wmvfile

planes collide at air show,2933,162106,00.html


mail prank - do not know if this one is real or not.

I want one of these

you can't quite get them you, but they are working on it.


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