Saturday, November 05, 2005

Internet video marathon

(because you have to use that bandwidth somehow)

Magic Trick:
Boring, long, and fake looking. Don't waste your time like i did.

BRAVIA Commercial (New LCD TV commerical):

Takes a long time to load. It is worth it. It made me feel all warm inside. Most of the time you have to pay money for that sort of thing, but you get it here in this commerical for free.

Watch a tank get blowed up.

Nut Bra (Because life is to short to spend it sitting on your nuts):

Ok, it kinda made me smile.

Shoot-out at BlackWater:

This is a must see. You can maximize realplayer and the picture is still good. You will want to see this stuff up close.

More explosions:

This one is ok, but really loud.

Bruce Lee video (supposely):

Toledo Riots:

Running Robot:

Looks really cool.

Machine gun breifcase:

For 10 bucks this guy drinks a cup of water out of the dorm bathroom toilet:

Purse Snatcher gets owned:

Fify Cal:

Reporter down:

bill Gates gose to college:
This is worth it. It has Napoleon Dynamite in it.

A seven minute, high resolution, video presentation of Sandbag Shelters viewable on Windows Media Player:

food Crash test:


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