Thursday, April 28, 2005

5 things

I was tagged once here (by Justus) and here (by Of the Mind). I find this ....err... I am not really sure what to call it...a little tough.

The basic idea is to find several things that your friends think are cool, but you are not so hot on. I would find the question a lot more easy if were 5 things I thought were cool but my friends did not.

I have a wide enough variety of friends with different enough likes and dislikes that it is hard to get a common theme easily. My friends were gathered throughout high school (where I met sandcastle) and college, so there was a lot of personal change while I acquired friends. Other factors contributing to the hardness of this task is that most of my good friends are not close in location, so I do not spend a lot of time doing normal things with them, I could probably not tell you their exact likes and dislikes.

1) responsibility - Some of my friends have or are about to have serious commitments (i.e. marriage, army, or houses). I just do not dig that. I do not even feel responsible enough to maintain a dog, much less a house or marriage.

2) Moving - Since graduating from college and my first job, I have stayed put, but some of my friends have moved, some to other countries, some to other states, and some just down the street. Maybe I am afraid of change or maybe I just dislike moving.

3) Toys - Some of my friends have a fixation with toys (motorcycles, cars, video games, power tools). I seem to be immune to most stuff. I would like to have many toys, but I never seem to bother putting forth the effort to actually buy any of them. My only goal is really to do as little work as possible in my free time, so I really only enjoy movies, though I do not want to own them, just watch and return them.

4) Sports - I could care less for most sports. Every once and a while I will get a hankering to drink beer, eat pizza, and watch a football game, but that is about my limits. I just do not care who wins what or what they won. My apathy also extends to fantasy sports.

5) Memes like these - Apparently my blog friends enjoy these things, but I am not partially hot for them.

I pass one this horrid torture to stewardess and Broken Quanta


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