Saturday, March 03, 2007

Not going out like James Kim

Well the entire James Kim epeisode inspired me to do a bug out bag overall. This is my BOB (bug out bag), survial kit, and fugitive kit (fukit). It weighs about 35 pounds, most of that is in fluids. It is a little heavier than I want it to be, but it will have to do for now. I am sure I could carry it for quite aways, but still need to be in better shape to ensure survial.

Here is my list. I have divided my gear into two different sections. The car kit is in a big container and the Bug out bag is in a...uh...bag.

Car Kit
1 pair Leather Gloves
1 cheap Ice Scraper
1 Tri Fold Shovel (derusted myself, painted with rustoleum, and oiled)
1 Heated Ice Scrapper
1 pair Jumper Cables
1 Car powered Air Pump
1 half used can of Ice Melt chemical
1 cheap Pressure Gauge
1 Deluxe Tire repair kit from Wal-Mart
1 pair of Stabilicers Anti-Skid Soles
1 Trioxane fire starter bar
1 emergency poncho
1 Cheap mini mag light knock off
2 Bottles of Tire Slime
4 Extra Rags

Stowed In car
1 Large US, Canda, and Mexico Rand MacNally Map
1 Window breaker\Seat beld cutter

Bug Out Bag
1 medium alice pack

1 thick wool blanket
1 Grey Basic kit stocking cap
1 Large Poncho
1 Pair of Dahlgren Hiking socks
2 Extra hiking boot laces

1 can of tuna fish
1 can of pork and beans
1 can of black beans
1 box of FulFill (Vitiam Enhanced Drink mix)
2 64 oz bottles of Gatorade

Self protection
1 Handgun with full mag
1 half case of extra ammo (about 25 rounds)
1 extra IWB holster
2 extra full mags

1 Trioxane fire starter bar
Normal Matches in water proof container
2 boxes of water proof matches

Other Gear
1 roll of duck tape
1 Black Diamond Hybrid head lamp (one led bulb and one Xenon buld)
1 swiss army knife
1 Whistle\compass\singnaling mirror\ water proof contianer
1 Pencil
1 Pen
1 whistle
1 first aid kit (anti diarrhea medicine, lots of Moleskin)
1 pair of binoculars
1 fixed blade knife
1 car charger for cell phone
Extra Batteries
Tin foil
50 inches of Cord

Gear: Cheap\Charity\Extra
1 mini mag light
1 emergency space blanket

Wish list
4 epipens
Personal Bivey
Sleeping bag
Water filter\purifier
Gas mask
Full sized tire and rim


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