Monday, January 31, 2005

Was it worth it

Now that they elections have happened in Iraq, maybe we can start debating an important question that can really only be asked after you have made it through the toughest times.

Was it worth it? Was it worth the American deaths, the Iraq deaths, the constant video streams of kidnapped victims from other countries. Was it worth fighting and dying so that others could live in freedom?



Well Saturday was an interesting day.
I was woken at 5:30 am by a friends grandfather. I was staying at their house because it was easier than going home. At 6:03 we left for forest oaks, IL where a car was waiting for my friend, smoky. It took about 7 hours and 40 mins to get there. My friends grandfather drove the entire way up there. Once we bought the car, I drove smoky's grandfather's car on the way back. We drove through rain, snow, and blistering cold on the way there and on the way back.

My friend stopped driving for a little while during the snow, and his grandfather took over because he was afraid that he would wreck the red rear wheel drive sports car. I do not blame him. He had an accident in his last car and that was the reason why we were making this trip. I finally got to my apartment around 1:20 am Sunday.

My diet yesterday included:
Breakfast at 10:30 am. Hostess chocolate gem donuts and milk.
Lunch at 2:30 pm. A large number one from burger king.
On the drive home. Mountain dew, Doritos, and a bottle of dole paradise blend.

I finished one book and listened to an entire other book on CD. Overall, I could have done without the snow.


A Guest

This week I will be guest posting on Of the Mind. I will not be doing any of that cross posting bull crap that you see from lesser bloggers. I will be giving that blog only original and exclusive content.


Saturday, January 29, 2005

Going out of town

check back Monday

I have hit it big

This was a recent email i received:

"Hi. My name is Phil Kloer and Im a writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Wednesday is Ayn Rand's centenary and Im doing a story on how Rand influences people's thinking, and I found your blog.
Any chance you can do a quick interview?

You can call me at 404 526 5448 or reply to this email. If somehow Im mistaken about your connection to Rand, sorry and never mind.


My reply:

To my knowledge i have never read an Ayn Rand book (though that does not mean that she did not influence me unknowingly). I personally do not know much about her or her particular brand of philosophy. I actually know very little of philosophy and in general have a very low opinion of the most visible part of the field.
In other words, i might not be quite what you are looking for.

That being said, i will do an interview (provided that if any quotes which are used are cited to me) if you want to.

Good luck,

By the way, his story checks out.


State by State gun control and why it is a good thing

This post and many others like it have had me thinking about the future of the gun control movement and potential strategies to keep our rights as citizens. I feel long term the gun control groups recent state by strategy is going to be bad for the gun control movement.

One state at a time
The state arena has several advantages compared to the federal level for both sides of the gun control debate. States are also much more responsive to their citizens than the federal government is. Opposition to a state law can rise very quickly and it can be taken down very quickly compared to the federal level. We must use the nature of the beast to help our cause.

The state by state battle for AWB laws will cost more money than a fight at the federal level. Instead of one big fight, they are going to have 50 smaller fights. The gun control movement can and probably will make early and quick progress in some states. While this might seem like a gain for them, it is really a lose. The are just refighting the battle they lost at the federal level. The are having to redo work that they have already done, expending time and money refighting battles we have already won at the federal level.

Drawing the battle lines
The pro gun movement should concentrate on saving the states that are a close contest between pro gun and anti gun. We must pick our battles wisely to conserve money, time, and energy. We must recognize that we cannot win every state.

Personally, while i do not agree with redone AWB bills, I am not going to fight a state living the way it wants to live (especially when it does not bother me), even if i do not agree with it. The further separation of red and blue states only gives people a clear choice. It also gives clear examples and test cases of gun laws. If our ideology is better, i think that, over time we will see that the good gun laws will become more and more common (that has already happened with CCW laws).

Planning ahead
The gun control movement can either accept the status quo or try to create convert states for the gun control movement. I do not think the Brady campaign and other such friends are going to accept the status quo. Once they establish a foot hold in the solid blue states, they will move to the purple states. In the meantime, it will require constant work on the part of gun control advocates to create unfavorable conditions for their advances in the future.

It would benefit the pro gun movement, if their was a grassroots effort to expose individuals to guns in a constructive and beneficial way in these future battle ground states. You do not have to make people shooters, but just undercut many of the myths about gun owners. I personally think it is much easier to convince someone that owning guns is a natural thing than actually convincing them to own a gun. We need to lay the foundation now, so we have a base to draw from later.

One possible way of doing this, would be to have free demonstrations at ranges where then people who are just interested in guns, but have never tried shooting them could give them a few shots in a safe and open environment. You could also have demonstrations of extremely skilled practitioners of the gun arts. These demonstrations of course will cost money and might create some bad press, so their are some downsides.

Another, more proven method is friendship evangelism, this is where local gun clubs could really play a huge impact. The goal would not be to turn the friends into gun nuts, but to show them what shooting is like and explain why you DO own a gun.

Now is the time to organize and go on the offensive. We have some time to reach out and touch some people, we should take advantage of that before that opportunity passes.


Friday, January 28, 2005

Microsoft cuts off the updates

"Beginning in February, the company will require users of Windows XP in Norwegian, Czech and Simplified Chinese languages to participate in the pilot program, which verifies the authenticity of a copy of Windows before releasing any updates to it."

Microsoft is treading on unstable ground. They know the effects of this program. It could cause general havoc with the internet. If a nasty virus is let loose, and only those who have paid for the software are able to download the update (which it is estimated that one third of the people do not have valid licenses), you are going to have a permanent problem on you hand.

I would guess that Microsoft knows exactly how many updates they have sent out and exactly how many windows disks they have sold. I think Microsoft might be trying to send a message to countries that it is time to crack down on theft of their software.

I for one am proud of Microsoft. Though, someone who things that Microsoft is important enough to be considered a public good, might try to force Microsoft to give them the updates for free. I have no idea how they would force Microsoft to do that, but they could try to hack the process somehow after Microsoft has released the update to non-pirated versions.


What is the single best thing....

...That you can do for you health?

I have no information to back this up, besides personal experience, but i feel that stretching is the single best thing you can do.

I not talking about just touching you toes a few times, I am talking about stretching and holding every single muscle group in you body.

Stretching your calves, your hamstrings, your quads, your back, your shoulders, your chest, and your lats.

In other words, you might have to watch these videos of women stretching to get an idea of what i am talking about. I think i did most of these stretches.

After i did this, i slept better than i had in months and woke up with energy. If you are going to do one thing, stretch, then if you have energy go for a jog.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Manchurian Candidate

I watched the The Manchurian Candidate tonight. First I will address the political aspects of the film and point out why you should not watch the movie. Then I will point out the one reason you should rent the DVD and watch one extended scene.

Reason not to see the movie. It was a liberal pun on the 2004 election (look who is laughing now, Hollywood liberals), Denzel Washington could have shot a more people, and I personally thought Conspiracy Theory was a better paranoid thriller.

The director of "The Manchurian Candidate" was a dirty Hollywood liberal. They had a section of the DVD that was entitled outtakes. It was where the candidate's mom talked with political pundits (all of this in character), one of whom just happened to be Al Franken.

Then there was a section of the DVD entitled political pundits. It was three scenes of people two "political pundits" talking (six total), not one of them had more political credentials than I do.

Finally, the reason you have to watch rent this DVD and watch the "deleted\extended scenes" is because it looks like Denzel Washington's finger is broken in one scene. The scene is named "Marco's worried neighbor.

In the scene, denzel walks out of the school, the camera pans down, and you see Washington sitting in a car crying. Then he brings his hand up and BAAM!!! There is. Either his finger is broken or it is dislocated. My theory is that he dislocated it to make himself cry. That is a real man.


What i have been waiting for

"Dear Friends,

Chapter 11 of Ninjai's saga is unveiled! Click here to check it out.

Don't forget to press F11 for a full screen, clutter-free experience.

Chapter 12 will be released March 15th...
Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts at AtomFilms, they are not going to be able to release Chapter 12 until March 15th. They've guaranteed us that they will release it on that date.

We have Chapter 12 all ready, but unfortunately AtomFilms isn't able to release it any sooner--and we don't have the money ourselves to pay for the amount of broadband needed to deliver it to millions of viewers.
Hope you enjoy Chapter 11!

Best wishes,

-the Ninjai Gang"

Of course i have forgotten where we left the little fella at, i guess i will have to watch chapter 1-10 again.


Two more domestic terrorist bite the dust

"When two men walked into a popular country store outside Atlanta, announced a holdup and fired a shot, owners Bobby and Gloria Doster never hesitated. The pair pulled out their own pistols and opened fire."

Later in the article you read a little more about what happened.

"One man grabbed Gloria Doster and pushed her toward the register. She said the other kept his gun on her 62-year-old husband, who also goes by the name Shoats.

She said she tried to open the register, but one of the men told her she wasn't moving fast enough and tried to shoot her husband. He missed -- and his gun jammed.

At that point, Bobby Doster pulled out a .380-caliber handgun and shot one of the suspects. Gloria Doster then went for a 9 mm pistol she keeps near the register."

judging by the picture of the guy i am willing to be that his gun was a revolver, though sometimes people surprise you. It said the wife had a 9mm, i was probably an autoloader of some kind.

I will leave you with one finial quote from the lady of the house.

"I just started shooting," said Gloria Doster, 56. "I was trying to blow his brains out is what I was trying to do."


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"Why I love being a soldier"

via Of the Mind comes a touching letter. You should really read the entire thing, twice.

"I received this from a family member today who received it from a soldier in Iraq.
Then at one of the sites we reconned I saw a civilian contractor, an oversized American who had come over here to be a part of the tax free gold rush that the war has become for so many, snatch a small carton of milk from a little local man who was working in the chow hall, chastising him loudly for taking it. The local, obviously now very frightened, only wanted something to drink. A soldier stepped in between the two and, without a word took the milk and handed it back to the little man, and gave the civilian a look something like we used to see Clint Eastwood give bad guys, wordlessly daring the abusive blowhard to make the slighgtest move.


Bias alert

I am sure you heard about the recent story about the marine who killed a woman who worked as a cashier at walmart. Gun watch has the updated rundown.

From what i remember, Johnny Lee Williams waited outside the walmart, and waited and watched for a person to attack. He even used the bathroom and was talked to by a security guard at walmart. I first read the story, and he was found in a hospital with the woman's truck outside. The woman was found in a ditch in Texas, and he was arrested in Arizona.

Well according to gun watch, ""So why was...[Johnny]...At the hospital? Because his next act was an attempted holdup of a gun-owner named Ritchie:[Ritchie] says, "I just drew and fired."

His one shot went thru 24-year-old Johnny Williams's shoulder and through the cinder block of the building."

I did not read this in the original article that i had read. It could have been this information was not known at the time of writing, or it could have been gun bias. You make your mind, i have made up mine.

Of course it was the Iraq war that turned our Marine bad.

"Williams, though, had been in trouble with the law before going to Iraq, including drug charges and a criminal trespassing charge. Despite that, his parents say violence was completely out of character for him. "


Emailed questions become blog posts

Chris (i do not think he is a reader; but he does not have much of a choice now...heh heh) emails this question.

"Where (and what) do you like to shoot in Memphis?"


Well, I actually do not have a gun yet. I just received my handgun permit in the mail today (Jan. 24), and will probably buy a gun soon. I am still fairly green, but I do have a little bit of experience with several of the local Memphis gun ranges.

I have been to three different indoor ranges in the Memphis area. You mentioned that you when "to an indoor range way out Summer Road". That range is Range USA, INC. I took my conceal and carry class there a few months ago. It was a very nice place.

Rangemaster is the next place that i have visited inside of Memphis city limits. I think Range USA has more of a rental selection than rangemaster does, and since i am still renting and shooting i will be visiting range USA more...For now.

Rangemaster and Range USA are comparable in my mind, with only a few minor differences. Once i get my gun, i probably will visit Rangemaster more because it is closer to where i live. It is located near the end of 385 on the southern loop of 240. It might be closer to you parents than than Range USA.

Another, place i have visited was Top Brass Sports, Inc. They are located in Millington which depending on where your parents live this might be feasible. It is not for me. Their indoor range is not as nice as either rangemaster or range USA, but I thought the people were nicer.

You also asked this:
"Can you shoot at the Penal Farm? If so, how do you get to the range entrance? My parents live about a mile from the Penal Farm, so that would be an easy place to take them."

I have only seen a mention of this site (it was at Shelby farms and not the penal farm where i heard about the range), but I have never been to that one. I made a mental note to find our more about this place, when i got my gun. It seems like a good as time as any to find out about the place.

So i called Shelby farms general information number (901 382 0235) and found out that the public range is closed until further notice. They said that the gun range operator is ill, and that he was the only one that they had trained for the task. I suspect that even if he was not ill, that it would be closed when ever he felt like it or the hours would not be the best.

There are several other places which I have heard about. The first one is MSSA (Memphis Sports Shooting Association). This is a gun club, and you have to be a member or a guest of a member to shoot at this range. I have a friend that is a member, but he mostly trains his dogs for duck hunting there (just to give you an indication of what is mostly done there). I think they have some IDPA matches, but that is really all i know about this place.

Here are a few other places i have heard whispers of but have not been to:

S.L.E.A. or Range 8 Indoor Shooting Center ( I have seen both names for the same address, i think SLEA is the newer one.)
3463 Lamar Ave,
Memphis, TN 38118.
Phone: 901-360-0357

Whitten Arms Company Inc.,
2770 Whitten Road, Memphis, TN 38133.
Phone: 901-386-7002

update: both of those numbers were disconnected.

Other links:


Tech Support

Recently i spent around two hours trying to figure out a technical problem that i was having.

I was trying to register a dll. I was getting this error:

"DllRegisterServer (or DllUnregisterServer) in (nameofdll) failed.
Return code was: 0x80004005"

I did some looking on the internet and did not really find much. Asked a guy down the hall. He thought it was permissions. I was sure that it was not because i was also registering another dll, and it worked fine.

I then went back to the net, and found someone who was having problems registering a dll for a web class of some kind. They were having problems because the runtime for the webclass was not installed. The particular dll that i was having problems with was a VFP8 dll. So i installed the VFP8 runtime, and did not have any problems at all. The other dll worked because it was a VB 6 dll, and the VB runtime was already installed.

Hope this helps some poor soul in the future.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

In the mail

I received my Tennessee handgun carry permit in the mail today. I first got it out of the mail box and did not feel the permit it it, so I decided that I should wait until I got to my apartment to open it. If I was rejected for some reason, I did not want the world to see me cry.

When I got it inside, I saved it for the last of my mail, in part to build anticipation, because it was the most important piece of mail. When I started opening it I felt a rectangular piece of material that did not bend as easy as the rest of the letter, and that was when I knew I had not been rejected like the ugly guy at the prom. As of this week it had been more than a month since I had sent in my application. I was getting a little worried that I would be rejected for some rason (unpain speeding ticket).

I put it in my wallet behind my driver's license. I still do not have a gun, if everything in my life had gone as I had planned I would probably be buying one next week. Since I wrecked my car and had to buy a new one, it has thrown several of my short term money plans into the air.

Oh well. Soon I will have the gun to match the permit.


Is this a joke

San Francisco may become the first city in the nation to charge shoppers for grocery bags.

The city's Commission on the Environment is expected to ask the mayor and board of supervisors Tuesday to consider a 17-cent per bag charge on paper and plastic grocery bags. While the goal is reducing plastic bag pollution, paper was added so as not to discriminate. (Emphasis mine)

What the heck?!?!? They are considering taxing plastic shopping bag because they want to reduce plastic bag pollution. That at least makes sense. Though adding the tax to paper bags because they did not want to discriminate between the bags is nonsense. Bags do you have feelings, you cannot make one angry, you cannot promote one over the other.

Of course the article is just throwing out garbage to hide the truth.

""The whole point is to encourage the elimination of waste, not to make people pay more for groceries," said Mark Murray, executive director of Californians Against Waste. "

Actually that is trash also.

"Officials calculate that the city spends 5.2 cents per bag annually for street litter pickup and 1.4 cents per bag for extra recycling costs. "

The real reason why they are considering the tax is because it will save them money. Of course you probably will not see any of the money that is saved returned to the tax payers, will you.

via Of the mind


Today in spite of the news....

...That today is the most depressing day of the year, i had the most amazing bout of nostalgia that i have ever had.

It was for the chicken fingers and gravy day that my High School used to have for lunch. I heard that they posted the menu on the internet so i went and checked it out.

Well the menu had not been updated since the guy who was handling it got arrested for embezzlement. I feel sorry for the school.

I almost went and applied for the vacant position. Living at home with the parents and pulling in about the same amount of cash that i am now. One reason i did not do it was because i knew that i would never leave that town if i went back, and there must have been a reason i left in the first place. Though three months off in the summer, and leaving work everyday by four is very tempting. The other reason why i did not apply for the job, is because i do not think i would have enjoyed the work.


Monday, January 24, 2005

Dean, Dean, Dean

I wrote a poem entitled: "Dean Against the Machine". It takes lines from this article and messes with them.

"Dean Against the Machine"

They quip, quote, and recite the democratic rote.
Then they "trapped Dean in a [caucus] crossfire in Iowa;"
"His caucus-night Scream sealed his fate."

That is actually all I have, but feel free to add a second verse if you wish.

Now to what this post is really about.

"For now, the front-running alternative is former congressman Martin Frost of Texas, a pro-labor moderate with a lifetime of traditional organizing .....He's followed by Simon Rosenberg, a young Washington-based fund-raiser and strategist who claims to be as digitized and Net-friendly as Dean—and yet more popular than Dean among the bloggers, who are emerging as new grass-roots powers in the party. Pro-lifer Tim Roemer is also running." (Emphasis mine)

I can't believe that he said that. If I was running for anything, I would not say I was "popular" among the bloggers (no offense intended). It is like saying that you got along with the math club in high school.

In my opinion, the dems need to drop the whole abortion thing. It is an obvious loser. When abortion came up in the debates, Bush said he wanted to lessen the number of abortions. That is the path most Americans believe in.

I would also drop the whole gay thing. It's time has not come.

I would then concentrate on trying to make everyone believe that socialism is the way to go. That is just my two cents.

If dean wins, things are going to get ugly. He can no easier hide his beliefs than a tiger can hide it's stripes. He may be giving out "warm fuzzies" right now, but when he wins he probably will be yelling a whole lot more.


Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

When will al Qaeda and similar organizations stop repeating the republican party line?

"We have declared a bitter war against democracy and all those who seek to enact it," said the speaker in the 35-minute message.

"Democracy is also based on the right to choose your religion," he said, and that is "against the rule of God."


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Looking for some gun videos

Homepage of videos.

Video: Fight to Cover
Video: Emergency Reload
Video: Tactical Reload
Video: How to Safely Load an Automatic Pistol
Video: How to Safely Unload an Automatic Pistol
Video: Negligence
Video: Man on Man
Video: Urban Engagement
Video: Tactical Pistol (smaller)
Video: Tactical Pistol (larger)
Video: Tactical Rifle

Have fun.

You have to watch "Negligence".


Recent Headline

"Man dies after falling through ice in Ohio State Park; over 30 traffic accidents reported in Wisconsin alone." (emphasis mine)

I bet that is half the population.


If you have some free time... might want to check this out.

"There's an unclaimed $1 million out there -- somewhere.
The jackpot is actually 12 jewels hidden in very public places around the United States. Think diamonds, think rubies, think the rarest, most perfect Kashmir sapphire.

All you need to do to get any or all the gems is to decipher clues in the book "A Treasure's Trove." The clues lead to a dozen 18-karat gold tokens. Author Michael Stadther, who hid each of the tokens himself, promises that they are all in public places where they can be easily accessed without digging, moving or disturbing objects or structures.

Once a token is in hand, it can be redeemed for one of the jewels.
And Stadther is releasing a clue not contained in the book for the first time this week: "Hint: Tackle repositories.""


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tulsa Firearms

My goal today is to cause as much damage to these guys reputation as i possibly can. Since hundreds of thousands of people read my blog, i am sure that it will hurt them bad.....Real bad.

Tulsa Firearms Training Academy sucks. I mean it really sucks.

I was visiting Tulsa and had looked this place up online before i arrived. The website was crap, which actually i do not have a problem with. If the website is up to date and accurate, i really do not care what it looks like for brick and mortar family owned place. Indoor gun ranges typically strike me as that type of place.

I was able to figure out they rent guns, and they even had the guns which they rent online. This was a plus, because many of the gun range websites I have been to, do not have this feature. I saw at least one gun that I wanted to shoot online, and was pumped about getting to try it.

So Stewardess and I went to the range. I was pumped because this was the first time i was going to follow through on a promise i had made long ago. When we walked in the desk was busy, so i made my way around checking out the place, what guns they had for sell, what guns they had for rent, and showing stewardess around the place.

The guns they had for rent where all well organized sitting on a horizontal gray metal rack with the action open. I was impressed, they had a large selection, and even some items i have not seen before for rent anywhere. Plus, having them all aligned nice and neat like that made the place fell more organized. The line was not going down and once i had the feel for the place, i decided to wait in line.

In the line, they had some of the guns they were selling in a glass case. The first thing i noticed was that the tags that were attached to the gun did not have the price on the front of them. So if you were looking at the tag, you would not have any idea how much the gun was. You would have to call over a salesperson and ask them about the gun. I find that particularly annoying, because i like to get a broad overview of the prices to determine where the store fits in on the price scale. I dislike it when car places hide the prices of the car on the internet and i dislike it when i cannot find the price on the gun which out talking to someone.

When I arrived at the counter, I pulled out my wallet and told the guy that i wanted to rent a gun and shoot it on the range. He asked me if i had a membership, and i said no. He then said they only rent to members. Stewardess, being new to things and much less stubborn, took one look at me and realized i had no idea what they guy just said. She said that she knew just by looking at my face, i could not figure out what was going on. All i wanted was to rent a gun. So i repeated myself again and Stewardess explained it to me.

So i asked him how much a membership fee was. A basic yearly membership fee was 75 dollars. You still had to pay for your lane (10 dollars instead of the non member fee of 25 dollars) and ammo, but you received ammo at a slightly discounted price. The only other benefit that you received was that you could rent guns. So if i wanted to rent a gun it would have cost me over 100 DOLLARS.

I asked why they could not rent to me and he said "insurance purposes". Well when i got back home in Memphis, i called around the state. At H&H Gun Range in Oklahoma City you do not have to be a member to rent guns. The Firing Pin in Hinton, OK you do not have to be a member to rent a gun. It sounds like either Tulsa Firearms is lying or their insurance sucks. So i went back and took a look at the Tulsa Firearms website. It turns out that they did tell me about that little rule, but it was under the members section and not under the rental section.

They gave me a piece of paper with some information on it. If you are not a member and want to shoot there, you can get a 25 dollar pass for the entire day. If you want to take a friend on the lane, you will have to pay for them also. Which as it turns out several of the other gun ranges in OK do this also, but it is more reasonable (more like 7 dollars for an extra person).

They seem to cater to the regular shooter. Are they missing an important demographic? The casual shooter, who goes no more than once a month. If i had the money, i would build a indoor shooting range next door, undercut their prices (which would not be hard to do), and put them out of business.



Friday, January 21, 2005


"If he [Bush] achieves only 25% of his immensely difficult goals during his tenure, he should be enshrined on Mt. Rushmore."

Sidney Goldberg

Gun try outs

There was no kissing on this man date. A friend of mine let me take his Springfield XD for a test drive today. I shot 40 caliber 180 grain FMJ bullets. This was one of the guns I was considering before I decided to go with a DA/SA handgun. After having that idea knocked by anyone and everyone under the sun, the Springfield was again in the running.

I had collected several reviews about this gun here, but now it is time to give my two cents.

The XD has three features that glocks do not have: a grip safety, cocked indicator, and a loaded chamber indicator. The grip safety is not like several other grip safeties I have seen, kimber and colt fall into this category. The main type of grip safety I have see is where the grip safety is part of the back strap and nearly blends right in. The XD grip safety is just a simple latch in the middle of the back strap. It seems to be that it is a little easier to depress than the standard grip safety I have seen. You can see a good picture of the XD's grip safety here.

I really liked the way it felt in my hand, also. It was heavy, but it was not to heavy. The XD is heavier than a glock 23 by about 6 oz (the glock 23 weighs in at 21.16 oz and the 4 inch model of the xd .40 cal weighs in at 27 ozs). It felt more substantial when shooting in my hands than a glock 23 did. The weight could have been part of the reason for that, but it could have also been the grip angle and balance of the gun. It felt like I had something to aim in my hands, which sometimes the glocks can fell a little light to me.

When shooting the XD, I was very accurate. I was able to acquire and fire easily. The recoil was comparable to the glock 23, but I thought the XD was a little better. I liked the ball mag release better than the type of releases that are molded into the trigger guard (walther P99), I was able to operate everything from one hand. The mag release on the XD felt more durable than the glock release, but when a loaded mag was in the gun the mag release was much harder to press in. Which I like the idea it being a little hard to accidentally drop a mag.

One problem I had was that my friends gun's slide seemed harder to pull back than some other pistols I have shot. Another problem, was that the slide locked back unexpectedly several times and this surprised me. It could have been because I brushed the slide release, that was mentioned in several articles that I have read.

The range I was at had a XD package. The gun, gun lock, two mags, and a XD HOLSTER for about 489, which is a very good deal. If anyone is interested in that, email me and I will give you more information.

Of all the guns I have shot, this one is at the top of my autoloader list.


Man date

I have a man date with a guy from church tonight. It is at the local gun range and he is going to let me shoot his Springfield XD. I am looking forward to the night. Fun will be had by all.


Saturday, January 15, 2005

Going out of town

Check back Tuesday.


Does anyone else do this?

I use google as my spell checker. Whenever i have a word that i cannot spell well enough for the spell checker, of what ever product to use, to make out the word. I just use google. I works nearly every time.


Friday, January 14, 2005

You know what pissed me off...

When the people of defend the lack of education studies in America. They say things like, "Every child is unique" to defend the fact that they are unwilling to study education, its methods, and change. They say things like, "the environment the kid grows up in is to variable to study."

The American school system have probably one of the largest control samples in the entire world. Every single child comes to school and learn basically the same thing. If you cannot put together a large study from that, you are never going to get ahead.

I am not suggesting the research educators start large. In fact, I think they should start small, with many different test groups from many different areas. That process will probably yield a few ideas, that are worth pursing at a larger level. You could have a tiered education research cycle for teaching methods. If it works on a small group, it could then be tried on a larger group, and if it worked on that group, try it on a larger group.

Of course I would be immediately against this idea, if it were suggested that the government take over this task. I would prefer that an education company try my idea.

This is not the critics individual teachers. In fact that is their job to deal with the differences that each kid has and get them to learn some how. On a large level those differences should start to melt away, and you should start to see trends on what works and what does not work. That is where the research come in.


Memphis City Schools suck

Or at least that is the general census among most of the people. There are a few good schools, but if you listened to the main conservative pundit in town you would think that they are the worst schools in America. The problem is that the county schools, if you listen to the same pundit, are great.

All of this just follows the typical pattern in most major cities in America. The mayor in Memphis came up with the idea of consolidating the city schools with the country schools. The city would surrender it's charter to the county, and the county would take over.

One of the problems with the idea is that this may be illegal. Another problem is that the one pundit I listen to says it will not work. This is where the pundit seems to contradict himself. The schools are bad, so they should not close. I personally do not have kids in either system, so I do not care what they do.

It would seem that a shared services department would help both systems. The county would reap the larger numbers of the city students when buying goods and securing contracts. The city, well I am not sure what they would gain.

Update: I have figured out what the Memphis city gains from consolidating (it is primarily the mayor pushing for it). They would not have to fund any of the schools in the city. All funding for the city schools would come from the county. If the schools systems merged, the county by law would have to level up the money spent on city school students and the county would also have to make up the funding that the city would stop paying. This was from an interview with a person who works for the county, on the news this morning.

The city would save about 80 million dollars. Of course their taxes would not go down, and they would lose control over the schools. Yes it is true the county has more money, but it is not fair for the county to pay for the city schools. If this does go through, you can expect riots at some point in time from the city.


Some odd finds

The first odd find of the day was Nestle Butterfinger hot Cocoa mix. According to the package it is chocolatey and peanut-buttery. I can know attest to that fact. I was impressed with my drink. It tasted very close to what an actual butterfinger tastes like.

This guy and his readers do not know anything about this. In fact, i would say he probably works for Hershey.

I think that they guy probably did not read the directions. One package for every 6 to 8 oz of water. I know i have an 14 oz mug, so i added two packages. My drink was warm, smooth, and thick.

The second odd find of the day was from a friend how sent me some information about this guy that they are going to be staying with in New York. The guy offered them a place for free, and they found him through

In the FAQ:

"But is this safe???This is one of our most commonly asked questions. We like to answer this in a couple ways. First, not just anyone can become a vouched for OR verified member. All new prospective members can only become vouched for if they are referred by an existing already vouched for member (or if they meet a get vouched for after they sign up). Every user is linked to the other users he/she knows in the system through a network of References and Friend Links. These features help other users determine how trustworthy you are, based on the quantity and 'quality' of the people you know and also if you've been vouched for.

Secondly, we offer verification. By verifying you, we check to make sure your name and address are correct via the verification system. Once you are verified, your profile will show that you are verified. Other people viewing your profile may feel safer about communicating with and meeting you because you are verified. Some people choose to ONLY communicate with other verified members. It's all about your own personal preferences and feeling about safety. For some people, verification may not be important. For others, it is crucial. It's up to you.

Please Note: You do not need to be vouched for or verified to sign up as a member of We encourage you to sign up and join the community. As time progresses, we hope that you will become both vouched for and/or verified to help strengthen the community!"

I feel much better about my friend now. Odd, just odd. This is why i make enough money to rent a hotel.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

What not to do with social security.

Len over at Dark Bilious Vapors had a post about social security. It appears that Britain also moved to a private social security scheme, and the government screwed it up.

Which this is the first time that I have heard about Britain moving to privatized social security. We can learn a lesson from them, and do it right.

The article compares the American system to the Britain system, and them points out the problems with the Britain system, while at the same time saying that America should not go private.

One problem with the brits system was that the personal accounts were not making any money. I do not know what investment schemes the brits have, but it seems that their system is not as good as our 401k system.

Another problem was that everybody could opt out. Which if everyone opts out, the only people left will be the people getting money. Bush only wants to let the young opt out, so it sounds like we are covered on that point.

The final problem was that they government was giving incentives for people to opt out, which it turns out that the British government was spending more money on incentives than they were receiving in through the taxes. From what I understand the reward for opting out, would be that you get to keep your own money.

The article was interesting and informative.


My truck

Well, my new-to-me S10 feels like it is my truck now. When I first got it last week, they wanted to keep it an extra day to clean it for delivery. I was renting a car with my own cash and waiting an extra day did not appeal to me. So once they processed it (which that involved close to a 1000 dollars of work (new brakes, new belts, new battery, repacked the bearings, and new windshield because the other one was cracked)) and I took it without waiting for them to clean it.

Today I finally got around to dropping it off for them to clean. I was feeling ok with my purchase. It was a good deal, and I knew that in my mind, but my truck just did not feel like I owned it....yet.

Tonight when I went to pick it up after work, I was shocked at how shiny it was under the lights, and at that moment it became mine and I was close to loving it. It still needed a little bit of work to make it comfortable, but it was mine and it felt like it.

When I got home I put the mats I bought for it in, and they fit. I put the steering wheel cover I bought. I read the manual on how to work the CD disc changer. I loaded 6 of my favorite CD's into the disc changer. I put rain-x on the windshield. Then for the final touch I bough a visor organizer from Wal-Mart to hold the card to my apartment gate, remote control for the cd disc changer, and my pocket knife.

Now all I need are some tie downs, I found a set in camo I liked at wal-mart.



Here is a blog of scottythomas85 a real life friend who has a blog. For the ladies he has a picture with his shirt off on.

From a recent post:

"Their deaths had been swift and foolish--and with his squirrel mind, in his squirrel way, Tramos sensed the creeping and unkillable feeling that he would greatly miss being in the company of idiots."

A qoute from Bare Hands, Numb Skulls


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

"One of the basic ideas behind quantum theory/physics/mechanics is the H.U.C. It states, more or less, that the more you know about one aspect of a subatomic particle, the less you can know about the other. This means the more you know about the velocity of a particle, the less you can possible know about it's position. Remember, velocity is speed and direction. This means that you can know with 90% certainty the position of a electron or whatever, but then you can only know with 10% certainty its velocity. Or vise versa, or 50-50, or not know anything at all (the easiest)."

I was thinking about this the other day, and something jumped out at me. It deals with not being able to know the velocity and the position of an electron or the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

first i would like to point out that I am no physicist. I only have a computer science degree and a minor in math, so repeat these ideas at your own risk of sounding really smart or really dumb.

The uncertainty principle is based on this idea.

"Suppose a particle has momentum p and a position x. In a Quantum Mechanical world, I would not be able to measure p and x precisely. There is an uncertainty associated with each measurement, e.g., there is some dp and dx, which I can never get rid of even in a perfect experiment!!!. This is due to the fact that whenever I make a measurement, I must disturb the system. (In order for me to know something is there, I must bump into it.) "

Yea, i think that is a load of crap. When ever you measure the speed of a car the radar waves (which in quantum mechanics they are not waves, but particles if i understand correctly) BUMP into the car and bounce back to the radar gun, which receives the impulses. We are able to find a good approximation of the speed of the vehicle. The speed of the vehicle can be measured out to the infinite decimal places, but eventually a few more decimal places does not matter. What is important is that we do not disturb the cars momentum of the vehicle enough to measure using our instruments.

When you apply the same idea to a particle, it becomes clear that when you measure the momentum of a particle you are doing it with a particle that probably is the same size or close to it the particle you are trying to measure. In other words, you are trying to measure the momentum of a car with another car. Of course, you will not be able to figure out the information you need. The car (particle) you are measuring is disturbed by the tools that you are trying to measure it with.

If it were possible to create a set of tools that was many, many times smaller than an electron, we could possibly measure the momentum and position with enough accuracy so that it would not matter. We would have to essentially break up an particle (electron or some such) many times over to get to that level of fineness.

Which from what i understand we do break up those particles ONCE with the huge atom smashers we build. Another thing stopping this theory, from chaning the world as you know it, is that we only know of the level below protons and electrons, and nothing further. For my idea to work we would need to not only know about the many levels below protons and electrons, but we would also need to be able to manipulate those particles with ease. That, from my understanding of the gravity, would require huge amounts of energy.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I wonder if.....

I am cleaning out my drafts folder and i found this gem of a story.

"The government's industry minister has approved a decision to let cinemas, concert halls and theaters install cell phone jammers -- on condition that emergency calls can still get through, officials said Monday."

Could you call someone in the same theater? I would say no, because the caller's cell phone has to contact the cell phone network and the cell phone network contacts the callee cell phone network. If you cannot reach the network, no calls will ever be placed. Even if you are able to reach the network, the network will not be able to contact the callee's phone.

Also how do you distinguish between an emergency call and a non-emergency call?


Monday, January 10, 2005

Two new to me blogs

Texas Tattler and Gun watch. Texas Tattler is made up of a lot of very good shooters from what I can tell, and gun watch collects the latest gun news that have made headlines.


Sunday, January 09, 2005

Gun try outs

Last night I rented and shot a Walther p99 9mm. I shot 115 grain FMJ bullets. When shooting the gun it handled well and I was able to hit the target accuracy and consistently. My accuracy was good, but was by no means stellar with this particular gun.

It was easy to operate and had a nice smooth trigger. The trigger on the particular gun that I shot was standard DA/SA. The DA trigger was not any heavier than the SA trigger, just longer.

This particular gun had a decocker, but it was unlike any decocker that I have seen before. It was mounted on the slide, but was not a lever. It was a integrated section of the slide that you push down, much like how some car door locks are integrated into the down, they are just an section near the top curve of the door that you push down to lock.

This gun also has a cocked indicator which looks different if the gun is cocked and loaded or if it is cocked and unloaded. The magazine release was ok, I had to shift my grip a good bit to use it, though.

My friend went with me. This friend of mine had never shot an handgun before, though he had shot some rifles and shotguns before, and he was having problems with it failing to eject the spent casings. I have not figured out if it was him or the gun, so I do not know who to blame.

The 9mm felt real balanced, unlike some other polymer farmed guns which feel top heavy. One thing I did not like about the gun was the position of the decocker, which is more of an personal gripe than an functional or self defense consideration.

My only other complaint is that when I was shooting the gun, the top part of the backstrap near the slide was digging into the knuckle of my thumb. I have not had this happen on any of the other guns that I have shot. On the P99 the top part of the backstrap curves in toward the frame more than some other guns I have shot, and I am blaming that for the uncomfortablness. I shot one box, and it was digging in enough to leave a visible mark today. This was more of a problem with the fundamental design of the gun, than with my skill level or the way this particular gun functioned. Unfortunately in the high stakes game of my gun selection process it happens to be enough to disqualify this gun.


Also from CNN

This article from CNN provides the other side way for fixing social security. It mentions raising tax 10 times.

"Critics of privatization argue that having money in personal accounts and investing it in the markets takes the "social" and the "security" out of Social Security. "

Wow, that is an stunning argument. Thye have convinced me, social security will never change as long as I am alive. I cannot let evil bush take the "social" and the "security" out of social security.

First off, I really do not like other people. Others like me are the ones paying for some of the people's welfare, medical care, the extra teachers that are needed to teach some people's kids because they are not doing their jobs as parents, paying the taxes which provides the infrastructure that allows them to work or not work as they see fit, and are paying the bulk of the taxes for defense.

Secondly, nothing is 100 percent. Security is an illusion that you create so that you can sleep at night. For a person who does not find any security in society, social security is an oxymoron.


CNN on social security

Whose money is it anyway?
The debate over Social Security is as much philosophical as it is fiscal. Should money you pay into Social Security be earmarked for your retirement or, if you don't use the funds, for your heirs?

Or is it money that should be paid as a social insurance tax to ensure a steady base of income for the nation's elderly, with the understanding that when you retire you will receive support as well?

Where do you think a majority of Americans fall on this issue? I would be willing to bet that nearly 60 percent would choose the first option.


Saturday, January 08, 2005


The year has ended and we got a decent jobs report for the month of December. It was below the economist expectations, but then again November was also until all the updated numbers came it. During the campaign i remember the left saying that Bush would be the only president since Hoover (like history matters to Americans, because we are all dumb anyways and that is why we need the government to do things for us) to lose jobs.

Are the democrats still throwing that information out there and is it true or not? First place i looked was instapundit, i got nothing. I went to the democratic home page, they had something but it was from march. I had to go to the BLS site to find what i needed. These are each of the months starting January 01. The numbers have three 000 looped of. For example -53 should be -53000.


For the year 2001 we are down -1,782,000.

For the year 2002 we are down -563,000


For the year 2003 we are -61,000
So far we are down a total of -2,406,000 jobs for the first three years of the presidents term.


For the year 2004 we are 2,231,000 jobs up.

Bush is going to be sworn in on January 20, 2005 and was sworn in on into office January 20, 2001. The question of whether or not bush lost jobs depends on how you count it. Do you go from January to December or from February to January?

If you go from January to December, this president lost 175,000 jobs over this term. He only started adding jobs the last year of this term because he was too busy taking over other countries, the first three years. That number will proably shrink as the last two months of last year get some additional numbers added to them.

When January's numbers come out we can remove the first January and count from February to January, and i am willing to bet money that Bush will have not lost any jobs for his term.

Do you thinks this President is going to go down in history as something special? I do.

I think it is important to note hear that when the MSM is wrong, they do not admit it, they just stop talking about it.


update: more here at dave's and Michael's

Friday, January 07, 2005

Half Staff

This post is not about erectile dysfunction, it is about what i sawy yesterday. After lunch I was riding back to work with a friend and we drove by the front of building we work in. The front of our building has three different flags in front of it. The Tenneses flag, the American flag, and the EU flag. At lunch yesterday, the american flag was the ONLY flag at half staff.

My friend made a comment about the american flag being lower than the EU flag. I half-heartly agreed, but today i feel proud that our flag was at half staff, espically when i saw all three flags at half staff today on the way back from lunch.


You know that he is right

"Today, The Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that 5,000 Americans could not be accounted for, Sweden also announced roughly the same figure for their citizens.

Now we care. And shame on us all. "

Today, during an afternoon conference that wrapped up my project of the last 18 months, one of my Euro collegues tossed this little turd out to no one in particular:
" See, this is why George Bush is so dumb, theres a disaster in the world and he sends an Aircraft Carrier..."

After which he and many of my Euro collegues laughed out loud.
and then they looked at me. I wasn't laughing, and neither was my Hindi friend sitting next to me, who has lost family in the disaster.

I'm afraid I was "unprofessional", I let it loose -
"Hmmm, let's see, what would be the ideal ship to send to a disaster, now what kind of ship would we want?

Something with its own inexhuastible power supply?

Something that can produce 900,000 gallons of fresh water a day from sea water?

Something with its own airfield? So that after producing the fresh water, it could help distribute it?

Something with 4 hospitals and lots of open space for emergency supplies?

Something with a global communications facility to make the coordination of disaster relief in the region easier?

VaraiFrank via Alpha Patriot


Is the stock market gambling?

"Analysts expect such plans to be fought strenuously by California's labor unions. "Unfortunately, Gov. Schwarzenegger's proposal to turn public employee pensions into stock market crapshoots should come as no surprise," said J.J. Jelinic, president of the California State Employees Association, a union representing 140,000 state workers. "

This has been a constant criticism of the new social security plan that Bush is putting forward and the plan that Schwarzenegger is putting forward. The number of workers with money is 401k's or similar type plans is around 60 percent, if i remember correctly. I would agree that putting money in a single companies stock is gambling, though i would consider it lower risk than betting at a casino. It is putting your money where your mouth is. The same basic principle of picking a horse or a team.

When investing is generalized across several stocks, as in a mutual fund, it is still putting your faith in the American economic system. You as an investor are basically betting on America (this is excepting international funds). I think that is the problem that many on the left have: Buying American mutual funds is betting on America.

""Defined contribution plans tend to do worse than defined benefit plans because most of us, unfortunately, tend to make poorly informed investment decisions," he said. "

Oh yea and do not forget, you are to dumb to save for retirement argument. That is why you use a mutual fund or a government bonds, you let someone else to the hard work.

Of course i would love to see where the money is of the people who criticize stocks as gambling.


Moral Fundamentalism

"At the UK premiere of his epic film of Alexander, Oliver Stone last night blamed "raging fundamentalism in morality" for the film's US box office failure.
"Sexuality is a large issue in America right now, but it isn't so much in other countries," the Oscar-winning director explained yesterday. "There's a raging fundamentalism in morality in the United States. From day one audiences didn't show up. They didn't even read the reviews in the [American] south because the media was using the words: 'Alex is Gay'."

Meanwhile, Colin Farrell, who plays the title role, helpfully added his own explanation for the biopic's commercial failure: "The film is a draining experience to watch. It's loaded with mythology, icons, symbolism and destiny. My friends have watched the film and said: 'Jesus Christ it's not exactly Gladiator'.""

Of course i will take the time to point out that it is Oliver Stone's job to make movies that America wants to see, not for America to see the movies he makes. He might be right about the moral fundamentalism, but that is beside the point. If the movie does not match the market, it will flop.

"The Platoon director previously defended his epic of the Macedonian conqueror, saying that it was too complex for "conventional minds"."

Oliver is now grasping at stones. Did the movie fail because of "moral fundamentalism", because it was too "smart", or because it was a bad movie? I would have believed Stone believed what he said, if he had stuck to one version of the story. It sounds like he is playing the shotgun blame game. If your blame has a wide enough scatter pattern it will hit something. He is just trying to salvage his reputation and shift the blame off of himself. I wonder if Hollywood will believe him?


Thursday, January 06, 2005

I only watch two shows

I watch survivor and 24 on a regular basis, i seldom miss and episode and when i do a friend has recorded it for me and i watch it as soon as possible.

Sunday night is a big night for me and my friends. 24 has a 2 hour premier Sunday night and then on Monday night it has another 2 hour stretch.

I disagree with the fox article describing 24. The say about 24 that "ssurprise is what makes "24" tick, and there should be plenty of it as Jack Bauer embarks on a fourth season of saving the world from terrorists."

I watch the show just to watch Jack kick some ass. I watch it to see exactly how far he will go. I am NOT surprised when Jack kills a few people because he needs to, wants to, the no longer server his purposes, i actually expect it. I watch the show because I know that i am getting 24 shows of action, drama, and explosions.

I will admit that Jack Bauer is one of the only men that i have ever had a man-crush on. For example one time, there was a guy behind a wall, and Jack new he was there but could not see him. Jack just double tapped the wall and killed the guy, that is why we like Jack Bauer. Not to mention the time that jack cut off a guys head to get back into his deep cover.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Giving your enemy what they want

The comments the UN official made about the US being "stingy" had the major pundits (Rush and Sean) up in arms. I feel the exact same way that many feel when they receive criticism, it hurts and I get mad. While agree with what rush and Sean are saying on this matter, i disagree with their reaction to what the official said, Sean more than rush in this area.

Have you ever been in a position of knowing what pushes a person's button? You can say something and you know it will bother them for a little while, maybe even start a fight. There are two actors in this situation the person saying the thing to piss the person off and the person who gets pissed off.

The person who said the words they knew would piss you off are immature and are just jerking you chain. By giving that person what they want (an emotional reaction), you are giving that person a certain amount of perverse power over you. Not to mention they are gaining pleasure over your emotional state. As a rational mature person, it is your job to make sure that the person who started it does not receive the effect they sought. That UN official is wrong, and that is all i have to say. I will not bother documenting how that person i wrong because it only feeds the emotional fire.

The person who started it is making us look like a lot of insensitive children. In this entire emotional exchange, they are they ones who come out on top, while we just look childish. In fact our loud reaction could cover all our giving with mixed intentions. Is the US giving just to show that we are not stingy or are we giving because we want to help?

When the UN says things, I am not suggesting to just take it on the butt, but quickly and quietly denounce it with reasons why they are wrong then MOVE on.


The victims

I do not have cable, and yesterday i happened to be in a place where i could watch some of the footage of the aftermath of the tsunami and some of the effects on TV. I had made the decision to give some money to this effort, but i had decided to wait until everyone had forgotten the disaster and the money stops flowing before i give.

The footage i saw showed a village that had 4,000 people and only a couple hundred had survived. The area was complete flat for miles around. I am sure that it was not that way before the tsunami. Reading about this disaster does not show the effects that it has had as well as TV and pictures do.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Gun try outs

Today I had the wonderful chance to shoot two different handguns. The first I shot was a Sig P229 in .40 caliber with 180 grain FMJ (Full metal jacket) bullets. The second was a .357 Magnum®/.38 S&W Special +P S&W revolver. I shot .38 caliber 125 grain JHP (jacketed hollow point) bullets The closest one I could find on their site which matched the one I shot is this one.

I was much more accurate with the revolver. I ran one box of ammo through each of the guns and used two different targets. You can see a real difference between the two targets. I had 4 hit on the target at 15 yards that were out of the 4 area for the revolver and I had 12 hits that were out of the 4 area at the same distance for the sig

The sig felt large and overly bulky. The trigger was surprising really heavy. It was heavier and longer than the revolver trigger (or at least it felt heavier). I do not know if it was just the example I used or what. It was a rental, so you never know. I really did not like the trigger on the sig, it was sooo long and always surprised me at the end. I could actually fell my self jumping (or is it flinching) when ever I shot the sig. With the revolver I did not fell any flinching (not to say I was not doing it, I just could not tell if I was or not).

The revolver was a nice piece of work. It did not see to have the amount of recoil the sig had, but then again I was shooting smaller lighter bullets. I will find a new example of the sig and see if the trigger is as long as the rental I used. I am still interested in the sig pro, but I think I would be even less accurate with the sig pro than I was with the regular sig.

I am going to see if I can find some different samples of a revolver. The one I shot was nearly a full sized one, if I can find some smaller examples to shoot I will give them a try. If I continue to be more accurate with a revolver than with a autoloader, I will go with a revolver. I want to shoot another sig to see if it was the gun I used, or if all sigs have that similar trigger.

update: The P229R DAK has a of 6.5 lbs and the P229 has a trigger pull of 12 pounds according to a website I found.

Also I just realized that they Sig I shot was a double action only pistol, but the regular Sig P229 are DA/SA. The pistol I shot was not a P229R DAK, because of the trigger pull. I could have estimated the weight of the pull wrong, but I don't think so.

I am confused and am doing more research, I might have to call the place and see if they modified the gun.

Update 2: Called the gun place and talked to a knowledgeable fellow. The gun was not a DAK but it was DAO with around 12 pound trigger pull (maybe less to other people). Right now the DAK versions would be able to be bought by civilians if any of them were available. The guy I talked to was saying that since the department of homeland security bought so many DAK's regular law enforcement are having problems getting ahold of them if they want them, so basically civilians are screwed (He was LE and tried to get one personally, but they would not sell him just one gun). The guy I talked to also said that he carries a P229 and does not like the DA/SA and wanted to give the DAK a try. He also said that if he like the DAK version that he would jump to it in a second.

It seems that sigs production is not matching the supply.

Basically I did not get what I wanted out of that range trip. I wanted to shoot a stock p229 but ended up with a version that was not a DAK and was not DA/SA, though with a lighter trigger pull I wonder how accurate I would be. Of course if I am not accurate with the many shots using a 12 pound trigger, I doubt I would be accurate with one (the first shot) using a 12 pound trigger.

For the life of me I could not figure out what I shot, their seems to be a lack of web sites and an after market modifications for sigs.


Monday, January 03, 2005

My home town is in the news again

El Dorado, AR - A massive explosion at a local plant forces the evacuation of hundreds of residents today. A fire broke out at the Teris plant just after eight this morning, creating explosions that could be felt for miles. Residents reported hearing a series of explosions and one person said it rattled the windows of his home.

Officials are now assessing the problem at the facility, formerly known as the Ensco plant. The vice president of operations at the plant, Doug Riley, said a worker discovered the fire and that it was out by this afternoon "except for one small area in the storage building.''The company and fire and police departments agreed to let the fire burn out rather than send firefighters into the hazardous area.

Thirty people were working at the plant when the fire broke out and no one was injured. Right now the fire is still burning, and officials say they do not know when it will all be contained.

I called my mom and talked to her. My uncle was at my parent's house because either he was not allowed into his house because of the fire or the fumes scared him away. It is amazing that no one was hurt.


Boy was i wrong on this one

I said, "I seriously doubt this movie [Fahrenheit 9/11] will do as well [as Bowling For Columbine]."

I missed that one by micheal moore's pants size.


Surfing the net and i found these sites

Furture of America
My Schools Hottest Girls

"Now another hot girl is Lea i mean she is friends with just about every 6th grade girl!Will thats all i got for now and if u have any comments email me at lilg67"


Hot Knitting Action

I actually saw two different blogs about knitting. Is that what the kids are callig it these days?

A gun good blog: Gun Watch

A sample post: "As the woman ran to get a gun, the intruders stormed inside the home and asked where a man named "Snoop" was. "


I think Israel did it

Recently, I was listening to a recap of the top stories of 2004. It was covering all the stories I remembered and some I had forgotten about. One of the stories it covered was Israel killing off a few terrorist leaders in precision strikes, where only a few civilians died.

Then not three for four sentences later the newscast mentioned the death of Yasser Arafat, Allah rest his soul.

I know this sounds far fetched. I am sure it has been mentioned before, but I have not heard it mentioned in the mainstream, but I think Israel killed Arafat. I originally thought this, but did not see any indication to point in that direction, but I had forgotten about Israel bombing the terror leaders.

The killing of the terrorist leaders was just a precursor to removing Arafat. The killing of the terrorist leaders provided for several things. It provided a cleaner slate when a new person came in and took over Arafat's job, it made it easier to get a moderate person into Arafat's position by removing very loud voices, and it created a power vacuum in the higher levels of the terrorist groups. The last point has the effect of making their enemies fight each other instead of them.

The last step in their plan was to remove Arafat himself, of course the could not bomb him like the others. He got special treatment, so they poisoned him. Of course the fact that he is old, only helped cover their tracks.

The time was right for them to do this. America had took out a major funder to the terror groups in Israel (Iraq). The situation had reached the point where Israel is desperate to do something to create a peaceful situation. They are giving up land they rightfully conquered, if that is not desperation, I do not know what is. Finally, Arafat is old and no one would be surprised if he died.

While the last point might seem trivial, I think it is important to show the difference between how regular Americans view the world, and the Jews view it. America has been a country for 250 years, and the Jews have been a group of people since the time of Abraham. They can wait for one old man to get old, to create peace.


This is the frist time i have seen this.

Warning: Married people Need Not apply.

If you are married and posing as single, be aware that you could be guilty of fraud and subject to civil and criminal penalties under federal and state law. For each offense, Title 18, Section 1343 of the U.S. Code authorizes fines of up to $250,000 and jail sentences of up to five years. TRUE reserves the right to report violators to law enforcement authorities and seek prosecution or civil redress to the fullest extent of the law. If you are married, please close your browser.

I clicked on the an ad, it sounded intresting and i have never seen it before. If i was a trial lawyer looking for an easy target, i think these people might be it.


Personal emails that TN senators send me

From Senator Bryson:

Happy New Year!!!

My family and I wish you and your family a Happy New Year and Best Wishes for2005.
This update contains some reflections on 2004 and a look ahead at a couple ofissues likely to create an interesting 2005.

2004 Highlights:
2004 was quite a year. Legislatively, the major accomplishment was the passingof Worker's Compensation Reform. As a member of the Commerce Committee, I wasprivileged to participate in shaping the bill as it came through committee. There were numerous attempts by labor and the trial lawyers to weaken the bill. They all failed. In the end, the legislature passed a bill that will stimulatejob growth in Tennessee. As a result, in contrast to growth in Worker's Comppremiums in previous years, this year Worker's Comp premiums will actuallydecrease.

In addition, we passed the framework the Governor requested for TennCare reformin May. At the start of 2005, we still do not have significant changes in theTennCare program. Worse, we hear that the program continues to grow faster thanthe budget and will need an additional infusion of money to pay its bills.

Of the bills I sponsored last session, there were two of which I am particularlyproud.

1. The first was a change in the lottery legislation to guarantee virtually all lottery corporation records will be open to public scrutiny. Exempting lotterycorporation records from public scrutiny was a major flaw in the lotterylegislation that we were able to rectify despite opposition by the LotteryCorporation.

2. I also passed legislation to level the playing field for homeschoolerscompeting for lottery scholarships. Homeschoolers were required to score 4points higher on the ACT than other students to be eligible for a lotteryscholarship simply because they were homeschooled. This was not fair. Mylegislation leveled the playing field so that homeschoolers are now required tomake the same scores on the ACT or SAT as public or private school students toqualify for a lottery scholarship.

In 2004, I also received two distinct honors of which I am very proud. 1. The first honor was to be selected one of the Top Five Legislators byBusiness Tennessee magazine. 2. The second was to be elected as Majority Whip by my Republican Senatecolleagues. I appreciate the confidence they have shown in me to elect me tothis position.

The November elections were the political story of the year in Tennessee. Forthe first time in 140 years, Republicans hold a majority in the Tennessee StateSenate. Now, as we look to 2005, it is time for Republicans to lead and fulfillthe charge placed in our hands by the people of Tennessee. As a part of theRepublican leadership team, I promise you we will lead and we will lead withcourage and vision.

2005 Preview:
2005 has the potential to be a wild year in the legislature. The SenateDemocratic Caucus has signaled their intention to be more combative by electingSen. Jim Kyle as Democratic Leader over long-time Leader Ward Crutchfield. Senator Kyle is close to the Governor and can be very combative on the Senatefloor. With the Democrats hungry to regain control of the Senate, look for alot of fireworks on the Senate floor this year.

The fireworks will start off immediately on January 11 with the election of thenew Senate Speaker who also serves as Lt. Governor. John Wilder (D) has servedin that position for 32 years. He has the support of 16 Democrats and 3Republicans, more than the 17 needed to elect him once again.

If these three Republicans vote for a Democrat Speaker, they will have strongopposition in their re-election campaign. These men plan to vote for JohnWilder out of a sense of friendship and loyalty to a Democrat who has been fairto Republicans. However, Speaker Wilder should honor their friendship andloyalty by not requiring that they put their political careers on the line so hecan keep his title. Lt. Gov. Wilder is an honorable man. I hope he will do thehonorable thing and let his friends off the hook.

TennCare appears to be another major issue in 2005. If the Governor has notimplemented a plan by the end of January, the legislature will probablyintervene. The Governor won election on the promise that he can “fixTennCare.” The legislature has given him all the tools he requested. It'stime to get it done.

TennCare must be contained so we can turn our attention to education. Thissession, I am filing bills related to education initiatives as well as tortreform, campaign finance reform and some innovative solutions to our healthcareproblems.

Thank you Cube, for your support and interest in our state government.

May you have a happy and successful 2005.

firearms training near me

or at least in TN


Sunday, January 02, 2005

I know this is insensitive....

...But since the tidal wave came and wiped out entire islands and entire families, there is going to be a lot of land for sale by the government.


Saturday, January 01, 2005

After three long hard days...

I have narrowed the field of potential vehicles. Right now three pickups are fighting to be the next ride for "The Cube".

I have chosen a truck because it maintains it value better here in the south. For example, my dad hit a deer in his 1994 Chevrolet S10 this year. The truck had 160,000 miles on it and the insurance company gave him 3,500 dollars to replace the truck with. My car was not even worth half that, and it was newer and had less miles.

The contenders.

A 2001 Chevrolet S10 , extended cab, with 32,000 miles. This contender has a fabric gray exterior, a dark black to dark blue interior, a manual transmission, and has only been owned by one owner. The dealership is asking 7,000 dollars for it. This represents the best value out of all three. I test drove it and the breaks felt a little mushy, but that happens to be a standard feature (I think). It moved like and rode like a big truck, but felt like it was lacking to power of a big truck. Which since it has a 4-V, it is.

Presently this truck could be bought, then I could trade it in for about 7,500 on a new vehicle according to the blue book values I looked up on the internet. The dealership is selling this way below what they could sell it for.

A 1999 Chevrolet Silverado, extended cab, with 40,000 miles. This contender has a fabric gray exterior, grey interior, automatic transmission, and has only been owned by one owner also. The Dealership is asking 13,000 for it. If I was in the market for a large and in charge truck this would be the one. It has a V-8, more than enough power to pull my lazy butt around. Though it also eats up the gas. Another problem with this vehicle is the lending structure that banks have. Since it is a 1999 they will extend the loan for as long I could get the 2001 extended. I would not need it on the first contender, but having a three year loan term (that is what the bank quoted me, and I have not talked to the car company yet) for the this truck is a little steep.

They are selling this truck for right around it's market value, though I could talk them down a little and get a deal. It is by no means a steal, but it is a good value and it is worth considering.

The last contender is a NEW GMC Canyon Regular Cab. The dealership is asking 14,000 for it. I test drove one of these vehicles and it was great. It rode the line between a ford ranger (really tight suspension) and a S10 (soft like a large truck) really well. The best way to describe the ride, was that it was soft but yet firm. It felt like it had plenty off power, where the S10 felt it was lacking. I do not know if I was driving a V-6 or a V-4, I could not tell. If felt like a V-6, but the V-4 is standard. Which once I read the link for the S10 I knew why.

"Regular cab 2WD S-10 ... 4x2 models come standard with a 120-horsepower 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine with a 5-speed manual transmission. A 180-horsepower 4.3-liter V6 is an option on 2WD S-10s"

The canyon comes with a 175 hp V-4 engine standard.

Right now I am in examining my lending options for these vehicles. The S10 came out ahead in that area so far. The bank could give me a better loan at a good APR on the S10.

The next phase is comparison of the operating and maintenance costs between the trucks. I do not expect this to make much of a difference in the overall cost, but I am checking each of these vehicles to see what the differences are. I expect the operating cost (out side of gas) to be about the same for the used models, but I expect it to be less for the new model. Though I expect the new model to be cheaper to insure, but I am checking those numbers after I post this post.

update: I have settled on the S10