Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Emailed questions become blog posts

Chris (i do not think he is a reader; but he does not have much of a choice now...heh heh) emails this question.

"Where (and what) do you like to shoot in Memphis?"


Well, I actually do not have a gun yet. I just received my handgun permit in the mail today (Jan. 24), and will probably buy a gun soon. I am still fairly green, but I do have a little bit of experience with several of the local Memphis gun ranges.

I have been to three different indoor ranges in the Memphis area. You mentioned that you when "to an indoor range way out Summer Road". That range is Range USA, INC. I took my conceal and carry class there a few months ago. It was a very nice place.

Rangemaster is the next place that i have visited inside of Memphis city limits. I think Range USA has more of a rental selection than rangemaster does, and since i am still renting and shooting i will be visiting range USA more...For now.

Rangemaster and Range USA are comparable in my mind, with only a few minor differences. Once i get my gun, i probably will visit Rangemaster more because it is closer to where i live. It is located near the end of 385 on the southern loop of 240. It might be closer to you parents than than Range USA.

Another, place i have visited was Top Brass Sports, Inc. They are located in Millington which depending on where your parents live this might be feasible. It is not for me. Their indoor range is not as nice as either rangemaster or range USA, but I thought the people were nicer.

You also asked this:
"Can you shoot at the Penal Farm? If so, how do you get to the range entrance? My parents live about a mile from the Penal Farm, so that would be an easy place to take them."

I have only seen a mention of this site (it was at Shelby farms and not the penal farm where i heard about the range), but I have never been to that one. I made a mental note to find our more about this place, when i got my gun. It seems like a good as time as any to find out about the place.

So i called Shelby farms general information number (901 382 0235) and found out that the public range is closed until further notice. They said that the gun range operator is ill, and that he was the only one that they had trained for the task. I suspect that even if he was not ill, that it would be closed when ever he felt like it or the hours would not be the best.

There are several other places which I have heard about. The first one is MSSA (Memphis Sports Shooting Association). This is a gun club, and you have to be a member or a guest of a member to shoot at this range. I have a friend that is a member, but he mostly trains his dogs for duck hunting there (just to give you an indication of what is mostly done there). I think they have some IDPA matches, but that is really all i know about this place.

Here are a few other places i have heard whispers of but have not been to:

S.L.E.A. or Range 8 Indoor Shooting Center ( I have seen both names for the same address, i think SLEA is the newer one.)
3463 Lamar Ave,
Memphis, TN 38118.
Phone: 901-360-0357

Whitten Arms Company Inc.,
2770 Whitten Road, Memphis, TN 38133.
Phone: 901-386-7002

update: both of those numbers were disconnected.

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