Monday, December 03, 2007

Match Ranking

I only posted a few hours ago about how I did in my first IDPA match. Already, I have had many people ask how I did. I could give you a bunch of numbers to read and let you figure it out or...I could give you a picture.

Here are the match scores below. I am the one in the green.

My squad shot the match backwards. We started at the sixth stage and worked to the first stage. The first one I started out strong, but that was just beginners luck. From the fifth to the first, I steadily improved. My final place was third from the bottom. The first column is my overall rank. I shot ESP Unclassified and beat the other person who was unclassified and one who was classified as marksman. I have also discovered that I don't slap my women, but I slap my trigger.



Sunday, December 02, 2007

Prickly Sheep

I am on the path to becoming a sheepdog (background here). Recently, I took a two day shooting class with TDSA. It was only the entry level course, which taught me just the basics. After the two day course, I went to my first IDPA match. Let's just say I didn't come in last. I also recently started martial arts classes (ketsugo jujitsu if it matters).


Follow the Red Ball

One thing people fail to realize when wishing for total government health care is that all of the people employed in private insurance will lose their job. It will not happen all at once, by any means, but eventually the private insurance that we all know and hate will be put out of business.
If government run health care kicks into high gear, two things will happen at once: the number of people working for private insurance will drop, the number of people working for new the government health care system increase.

In a nation with about 4.7 percent unemployment, the people hired by the government will be the same people fired by the private insurance companies.

And certain people think that the government can do a better job running health care....