Friday, May 28, 2004

This is fornizzle ranizzle

Counterterrorism officials told Fox News that they are especially concerned about the possibility of a truck bomb and said an influx of credible intelligence has been received suggesting that Al Qaeda may be contemplating such a bomb.

I know personally of 4 to 6 cases of middle eastren men trying to buy 18 wheelers for personal use with cash (the 18 wheelers cost about 115,000 dollars!?!?), the fbi was called, but i don' know if any arrest were made.

Just so you know the fbi is not blowing smoke up you ass, they are doing one great job. And hopefully no lives will be lost.


Thursday, May 27, 2004

This is my right?

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' decision said U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft overstepped his authority when he ordered Oregon doctors to ignore a state law that allowed them to prescribe lethal doses of medication to terminally ill patients who wished to die.

I firmly believe that it is a persons right to kill thierselves, and the government should not interfere in that right. That being said, actively killing the person with drugs is about even with turning off the machines keeping the person alive. Both require a willful action. I don't think doctors should be forced to kill someone one if they don't want to, they should be able to opt out of that class for moral reasons (much like they should be able to opt out of the abortion class and training). I also think the doctors should pay the families money to kill their family members (that is so, doctors don't make money killing people), of course it won't be enough money to make the families rich just enough money to make the doctor poor if he/she happens to enjoy his job to much.

Under the law, terminally ill patients must get certification from two doctors stating they are of sound mind and have less than six months to live. A prescription for lethal drugs is written by the doctor and administered by the patients themselves.

Why don't they just give them a gun, that would be so much cooler.


And Kerry never flips or flops

Kerry Will Accept Democratic Nomination at Convention

Of course the evil right wing will try to work this in to yet another case of Kerry flipping on an issue, of course he did not do that, he was just testing out the waters of public opinion before he made a decision....Eh.....Right?

I am beginning to think that the parties are working together in a plot to ruin America, how else could a moron like Kerry get chosen to go against Bush?


From CNN

Are you tired of hearing about terror alerts?

Yes 61% 4494 votes

No 39% 2824 votes
Total: 7318 votes

What the crap?
I am not tired of it, infact i listen very carefully, so that i will know when to buy my guns.

Of course the same people who are tired of hearing the alerts can't get over the fact that the FBI and CIA had information about 911 but did not tell anyone.

Either you want to know what the goverment is dealing with (and you get scared out of you pants or tired of hearing about them) or you don't want to know (because you don't care or you know that you will get scared).

There is not much gray area on this issue.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Why did they say that?

The casualty toll was mercifully better than expected: roughly 3,000 men were killed on the first day of Overlord (about the same number of people murdered in the attacks of September 11, 2001).

What was the point of that, it was also less than Saddam killed when he bombed the Kurds, it was also less than what the americans have killed during the Iraq war, it is about the same number the japs killed during pearl harbor.

Early in 1942 Roosevelt asked his listeners to have a map at hand to follow along as he explained the global situation, and stationery stores sold out their inventories.

Ever notice that Iraq is in the exact middle of the middle east, where we can intercept terrorist traveling in and around Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Saudia Arabia?

according to a senior official, the result of the administration's recognizing earlier mistakes, even if Bush himself would not concede a single misstep when asked about the war in his recent (rare) press conference.

I have heard rare associted with every single press confreence that the president has done.



First the strong stuff. The president reached for the rhetorical heights by citing the horrific beheading of Nicholas Berg, as part of his latest to convince Americans that Iraq and Al Qaeda are part of one and the same War on Terror.

So the men who killed Nick Berg, are not terrorists.

If it walks like a terrorist, talks like a terrorist, and (note: until this point I could have been talking about any of the environmental groups) kills innocent civilians like a terrorist ... It is a terrorist.

Their have been a few major terrorist bombing in Iraq, and don't forget the Zarqawi letter. If Iraq did not have connections to terrorist before we took them over they have connections now. Instead of waiting for the terrorist to come attack us we have taken to fight to them. Iraq is the new area in which they are going to fight the Zionist pigs. Which I know the thought of soldiers dying is not a pleasant one for anyone, most people would rather be fighting in Iraq than being attacked on our soil.

The challenge for Bush is to convince Iraqis and Americans that the U.S. is no longer resented in Iraq. It's not clear his five-point plan can get anywhere close to that goal, any time soon.

This writer did not suggest any ideas of his own, all he did was critique the ones that were out there already.


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

So bush is wrong..Then what do you suggest.

Normally I find good in-depth articles at the Atlantic monthly online, but this article was simplistic in nature, biased, and close minded.

The strategy they [neo-cons] championed was the wrongest possible strategy for the wrongest possible moment in the wrongest possible region of the world.

History showed what worked against threatening states—containment and deterrence. Behind them, confident of the melting power of its way of life, the West waited out Soviet Communism

I think what actually worked against Communism was containment (preventing other states from turning to communism) , deterrence (on a military level: i.e. arms buildup), and engagement (on an economic level we out produced them).

They ditched the strategy that worked against a nuclear-armed superpower to launch a pre-emptive war against a toothless Iraq, which has been contained and deterred—and disarmed—since the Gulf War.

Which this author mixes the Iraq issue and the Israel issue, and comes to the conclusion that instead of attacking Iraq we should have pushed for peace in Jerusalem.

If there is a path to democracy in the Middle East, it begins in Jerusalem, not Baghdad

Which i don't know a lot about the general feelings of most of the islamic people,but i know they hate us because we support Israel and/or they hate us because we support globalization and are infidels. So just removing the Israel will not solve the problem. The authors solution is flawed for that point and that point only.

They identified the wrong enemy (a state), attacked it for the wrong reasons (WMD), and in a way that strengthened our real enemy, the transnational terrorists of September 11

The author's suggestion is a mix between the same strategy that we took with the soviet union and solving the Israel problem. I have already shown how solving the Israel problem will not remove, the problem entirely. The second problem with solving the Israel problem, is the unpredictable time frame involved, they have been at war since Israel declared independence, long before most of the people in Palestine were born. They have been working towards peace since i was in high school, and they still have not achieved it. There are no guarantees that peace can be achieved, and the time frame is unpredictable at best.

The Soviet Union style methods of handling the threat of terrorism have flaws also.

The transnational terrorists that we fight against are a completely different enemy from the soviet union, on that the author and i agree. The general idea behind transnational terrorists is that you can't contain them, because they are transnational. Which that destroys one plank of the platform that we stood on against the Soviet Union.

Although, You can contain the spread of radical islamic countries, but that will not affect the ones that are already in place. The present radical islamic countries don't possess the sociological and economic flaws that communism had. The leaders can claim religions rights and oppress the people in Allah's name, all while using capitalism to fund their empires. Additionally, they are so far behind america in military and economic standards, that they will not attempt to compete in an arms race with us, such as the Soviet Union did. So containing the spread of the radical form of islamic government will not reduce the numbers of radical countries, but only increase their strangle hold on their own people, allow terrorist time to make high level government contacts, and allow the the development of WMD's.

Deterrence will also not work against the very devoted terrorists who are willing to die for their cause.

Although, You can deter countries from supporting terrorist groups, but that will only go so far, as is the case with Syria.

The last option in our soviet style armament is engagement. We can only isolate them economically, because of our economic strength. Can anyone say castro? Militarily we can threaten, but taking over countries is a messy, messy process. Can anyone say Iraq?

As shown above the battle against terrorism is a wildly different from the communist threat, and requires a new set of tools, which is what the bush administration has done.

In the next post i will go into the nature of terrorists, what terrorist need to survive, and the proper strategy that we should take against terrorists.


Sunday, May 23, 2004

Drugs and patents

Safety and effectiveness are the issue, claim the drug companies. Because a generic drug manufacturer cannot make a drug that is exactly the same as the original drug, the public might be put at risk. Alterations to the drug will result in generic drugs that are less effective than the original drug or, even more serious, that could be dangerous to the user

This article brings up some good points, but all is points can be countered using the opposite point. Alterations to the class of drugs the reporter is talking about, could be bad, but they could also be good. The only thing you can do is make serious guess on what will happen when something changes based on complex models. This reporter has no data to back up his/her suggestions that allowing generic drug manufactures to bring biopharmaceuticals to market will result in dangerous drugs. I could suggest that the variations the companies introduce could actually make safer more effective drugs, and my argument would be just as valid.

The are essentially arguing the fact that small variations in the process could have major effects in the outcome of the drug (basic chaos theory 101). They fail to mention any positive outcome of the changes, and mention only the negative. All they suggest is that more law be put in to place to handle the problem, which since both of those are lawyers, that would make sense.


Exclusive: that does not make sense

If bush was really in bead with the oil companies why wouldn't he tell them to lower the price of gas until the election and then they could do what ever they wanted to.

If we took over Iraq for the oil why are we selling it to ourselves for so much?


Soooo....when can i shoot things

Disarray among gun controllers is becoming common, even on one cornerstone of the gun control movement — the semi-automatic gun ban. Take the statements made on National Public Radio by a representative of the Violence Policy Center (search) just one week after the assault weapon extension was defeated in the Senate this March.

Woot! I am going to go buy me some serious guns?

As a side note this article was written by a man who really likes his guns, so he is very biased, but does pose good arguments for guns.


What's going on here

Has the leader of north Korea lost control, or is he playing a game that will take Japan our of the talks.

Only lord knows, but I hope this concession is the first drop in the flood.


Kerry's grand idea

There are two reasons why we cannot be asleep at the wheel during this current energy crisis," Kerry said in the weekly Democratic radio address. "First, soaring energy prices are putting our economy at risk and second, our dependence on Middle East oil is putting our national security at risk. But it doesn't have to be this way."

I agree with that.

In the short term, the Massachusetts senator said, the United States should divert oil being used to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (search) and bring it to market. The White House says, though, that would have only a negligible impact on pump prices. Kerry also said the country's leaders should demand that Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing nations increase supply.

I don't agree with diverting oil from the strategic reserve, because I think that would endanger national security also. It does not make sense to say we are dependent on foreign oil and then take away the only reserve that we have. Then once we have released the oil reserve, we have to tell other countries how to use their oil, there does not seem to be much difference between taking over a country for their oil and trying to force them to sell the oil to you cheap.

Another problem I see in all of this is that countries are in charge of running oil businesses. That really should be a private endeavor, but oh well.

He said his long-term strategy as president would include investments in alternative fuels and new technologies that are more fuel-efficient. He said he would establish tax credits to help make fuel-efficient cars more affordable.

There is already a tax credit. What I would do is put a small gas tax in place, put rules and regulations into place to force companies to produce more fuel cars, and then allow the private companies to apply for grants to reduce the price of their development of the new technologies. The money will come from the taxes. This is essentially taxing a problem to solve the problem. Of course the government could loan the money to the companies real cheap.

"We're at war and families are struggling to make ends meet, especially with rising gas prices," Kerry said. "For our security, our economy and our environment, we must make America energy independent."

At least he understands the problem, I just don't agree with some of his methods for solving the problem.


Saturday, May 22, 2004

Old people are confused?

These comments are related the Medicare debate and seniors having too many choices.

I would like to state that I love old people, god bless them (and they need god's blessing more than most because they have a statistically higher chance of dying than most).

I also don't believe that old people are dumb and incapable of figuring out the new Medicare card issue, I just think it will take them years to figure it out. In general old people don't tend to handle new things as well as other younger people, such as computers. While most of them could still beat me at checkers, if we moved the game to the Internet, I would kick their old butts.

Of course, if my parents where having trouble trying to figure out something, such as a computer, Medicare, or how to eat, I would not expect the government to explain these things to them. I would make sure that I spend the time to figure it out myself, and then I would either make the decision for them or explain it to them so they could. On the other hand, liberals will want the government to take care of their parents and explain their healthcare decision to them also.

My definition of social responsibility is handling your personal responsibilities and handling it so that society does not have to.

Also, they saddest part of the entire debacle, is that old people have to spend their precious little time comparison shopping, when they should be enjoying the Florida sunshine.


Friday, May 21, 2004

Well...Why don't you show them

"Others disagreed. "This is outrageous," said Blanca Castaneda, 30, a sociology graduate student at California State University, Los Angeles. "The students are fed up.""

Why don't you protest college and don't go to school?
Oh wait...That would make you available for the draft, and you think Canada is kinda cold?

I am sorry then, looks like you are going to have to suck it up.


that is what I am talking about



this is a test email to see if I can blog while I look like I am doing work.

also, I can spell check my stuff better


Thursday, May 20, 2004

Release the oil

I am confused, the democrats want the price of oil to drop?

I thought a higher price of oil was a good thing, because that meant people drove less, and polluted the environment less.

Or is their a plan that I am unaware of to give people a daily ration of gas, because it is the government's duty to give people oil and make sure that they can get to their living wage job.

The only good suggestion I have heard on the oil issue is that Bush should threaten to release the oil to scare OPEC into making more oil.

Of course it is not in the best interest of OPEC to keep the price high, the higher it gets the more people are going to start making oil, and the easier it is going to be to get into the oil business from scratch. Which that will ruin OPEC's hold on the market and they can't have that.


Thought that i would share

Please vist this site, and also please tell anyone you know who is in Iraq to send pics to this site.

Most of the time this site is fairly crude, but this time they hit on somthing good.


Makes perfect sense

Environmentalists complain that there is little appetite among Europeans for genetically-modified foods, and that the safety of GM products has yet to be conclusively proven.

The fact of there being a market or not being a market is not anybodies concern except the people selling the goods. It would actually be beneficial to the environmentalists for markets to be opened up and the people selling the GM food to go bankrupt. If fact that would be what the environmentalists would want.

Now safety is a concern but not the environmentalists concern.

None of their reasons for not having GM food made and sold has any thing to do with the environment.

That is just odd.


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Exclusive: Questions from the enlightened

If money does not bring happiness.....

why are all the poor countries complaining about being poor?

Why are the democrats constantly complaining about needing more money for programs?

why are the socialist always trying to even out the wealth structure of America?

why are the republicans constantly pushing for poor countries to get rich?

why are the republicans working hard to get rich?


Exclusive: Thoughts from the enlightened

If capitalism is concentrating the wealth in the hands of the few, why do stock markets exist.

Can't a person with limited means purchase the ownership of companies and become part of the system (and if they pick wisely, they can make more money).

Since there are some many poor people, why can't they all pool their limited resources and buy back what was supposedly taken from them. If all the poor people in the world took what little money they left over at the end of the day, and purchase stocks in many of the worlds stock markets, what would happen?

Instead of giving poor people food and clean water, maybe the IMF should consider giving them a stock account with dividends, so that they can buy all the clean water and food they want, that would free up their time to live life of a socialist.


That is a lot

The nerve gas thing was a small issue in my mind. It did not confirm the existence of large amounts of WMD's in Iraq, but it is enough to make me think there is more of the stuff.

Then I read the fox article about it:

Tests on an artillery shell that blew up in Iraq on Saturday confirm that it did contain an estimated three or four liters of the deadly nerve agent sarin, Defense Department officials told Fox News Tuesday.

I thought it was a few ounces worth, not a few liters worth. That does change my perception of the event in my mind.

As far as the people who used it knowing if it had sarin it:

First, did know they if the shell had sarin it in?
Answer: They would have if they had proper training.

Secondly, would they have touched it if they knew it had sarin in it.
Answer: They would have if they had proper training.

Thirdly, could a person who did not have proper training could tell by the design of the shell it contained liquid?
Answer: If you could hear it sloshing around on the in side, then yes.


If only war was like highlander

I am showing off my extensive knowledge of geeky television, but I was very bored through college and high school.

But does any one remember the rules to highlander?

There can be only one.
You must take your opponents head to gain their power.
You can't fight on holy ground (churches, cemeteries, etc.)

Most Americans still respect churches, schools, and hospitals. Although, if you shoot at us from them or hide weapons in them, we don't respect holy ground enough to ignore the threat.

If these holy sites where so important to the people fighting (because they are fighting for a free Iraq, and these holy sites are part of the Iraq heritage), why do they stage their offensive maneuvers from them? Either their is a loop hole in the Koran that allows non-infidels to fight from holy sites, store weapons, live there (I am not reading the entire thing to figure that one out), or the people fighting us don't care anymore about the holy ground than we do, and are just hiding behind their religion.

I tend to think it is the latter.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

If you win act like a loser

Americans were booed at the World Athletics Championships in Paris last year largely because of Jon Drummond's histrionic protest at his disqualification from a heat of the 100 meters. Also, at an Olympic soccer qualifying match in Mexico earlier this year, the American team was subjected to sustained razzing by a section of the crowd, including chants of "Osama, Osama!"

I say hell no, point it out to the rest of the world that we are better than them.

Or at least have more money to pay athelets to train.

Also in this article, it was brought up what happend in mexico where they yelled Osama! Osma! at our soccer team. We should have dropped a team of commandos down their and locked down the entire stadium, until we found him.


Saturday, May 15, 2004

You can say a lot of things, but you can say this..

"My son died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. This administration did this," Berg said in an interview with radio station KYW-AM.

Your son was not in military, he was not a contractor for the military, he was not a civilian contractor for the pentagon, or any civilian groups. He choose to go to Iraq, of his own free accord and was told to leave. It is sad you son died, but you can't blame bush.

In the interview from outside his home in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a seething Michael Berg also said his 26-year-old son, a civilian contractor, probably would have felt positive, even about his executioners, until the last minute.

This line about him begin a civilian contractor is a lie, simple as that.
Fox news says this:
It is unclear when and how Berg, a self-employed telecommunications businessman, was captured. Accounts of his detention in Mosul in late March are also conflicting.

Yea, I bet the late berg would feel positive about the people who where holding him against his will, and normal sane person would. What a load of crap!!

This might clear up the fact the article has a planned lie in it when you find out who wrote it.

(additional reporting by Maher al-Thanoon)

Which here is one of his articles that appeared with the very well know, and well respected aljazeerah news service.,%20Briton%20and%20Canadian,%20Killed,%20Two%20US%20Soldiers,%20Several%20Iraqis%20Wounded.htm

As a side note it is good to see that someone shares the same opinion as the Elder berg, even if that person is dumb as a brick.

Bush Killed Berg..More or less


Friday, May 14, 2004

So they are responsible

The Chaos Computer Club offered some indirect support by saying that Microsoft, too, should be held liable for the security holes in its operating systems that make them so vulnerable to worms and viruses.

If someone breaks into my house through a know security hold, such as the door, am i held responsible for the damage.

I don't think so.

No, what should happen is a company should make their own OS and promote the security aspect of it and say they have better security than Microsoft. If you don't like the product, get a new one (or in this case program a new one). Of course that would be calling out all the hackers, and they would find a way in.


I was listening until this....

"The project could also be confused by sealing the warhead in a large balloon so the kill vehicle could not pinpoint its exact location, or tethering several balloons to it. "

While many of the things they said made sense, this one did not. How are you going to get the warhead in the balloon, and have it travel all the way to the US. I would think that if they put the warhead in a balloon we could send a plane to take it out.

I can hear it know.
"The balloon of death is coming, and it is moving so slowly."

While not being able to pinpoint its exact location would be a plus for the warhead, the kill vehicle would be able to pick a location and come close, which if it was in a big balloon, all that would need to be done would be to pop the balloon.

Although if hundreds of thousands of helium balloons where lifted against America in a decisive show of force, I am sure that we would give up right then. Well normal Americans would, the greens would still be upset.

Although, I seriously doubt the missile shield will be able to stop hundreds of missiles with live war heads, at this point. Mostly the report sounded partisan, and it also sounded like to was from people who may not have done much work in it recently. I don't think the report should be rejected though.


Is Bushie over extended?

Just list them.
One national major terrorist attack survived.
Education bill.
Health Care bill.
Two countries taken over.
One country disarmed.
Another one in talks.
Another one working with the UN on their atomic weapons.
One corrupt UN program down.
One new plan for the Middle East.
Two or three attempts at settling the Israel conflict.
One missile defense plan started.

Also, One national debt ran up.

If you agree of disagree can be argued forever, but the fact that this president has been busy in doing what he thinks is best of the nation is undeniable.



The more North Korea talks the more reasonable they sound.

"He said his country would have to hold onto nuclear weapons unless "all the countries with troops on the Korean peninsula" reach a permanent peace."

OK so they would need a peace treaty with South Korea, USA. I am not sure if they are at war with Japan, but a peace treaty with them probably would not hurt things any.

Which America wants North Korea to hand over their nukes, before we will offer them peace.

Of course both countries want the same thing, it is just the order that we disagree on. That is where the high level negotiations come into play. This article was amazingly positive, I will have to see a few more of these over the next few months before I decide if North Korea has a chance.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Did you know that you can get AIDs from chalk?

While in third grade, my teacher told me that I could get AIDS from chalk dust. I remember it quite clearly, but that does not mean it actually happened. If the comment about AIDS and chalk dust was said is out of the question. My point is about the WHO.

AIDS programs in developing countries put too little emphasis on treatment, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, urging for more small community-based clinics to be opened to treat HIV-infected people.

When you have limited funds to devote to a problem, you tackle the problems you can solve. In the case of AIDS, it is still an incurable disease that can be prevented. It seems to me if you put most of you money in prevention, you will have less to treat. Which means that less money is needed, and that money can go to economic development.

"By tackling it decisively we will also be building health systems that can meet the health needs of today and tomorrow. This is a historic opportunity we cannot afford to miss," he added.

This is a very good point, and I have never thought of it that way. Of course it also fails to point out the fact that with out international funds those health care systems are not self sufficient.

In March 2003, Jeune was emaciated and his parents had already bought his coffin. Six months later, thanks to antiretroviral drugs provided by an AIDS treatment program in a hometown clinic, Jeune had gained 44 pounds and is pictured smiling in the report.

Of course, he is still going to die.

When the money that went to extend a persons life can be used to save another, it seems like a waste. I am not saying that people who have AIDS should not receive drugs to ease their pain, but expensive drugs that extend and not save lives are a waste. If people stopped having sex except with clean, known partners, we could stop the AIDS virus in it tracks.

Then again no one really wants to preach self-control. The world wants us to spend large amounts of cash making people live longer, not preventing the disease.



I am making use of some of the changes that blogger has rolled out over the weekend.

I am using bloggers comments, which will hopefully give me more speed, and reduce downtime of comments (if the blog is down then most likly the comments will be down, and vice versa).
Bad new is all comments on the previos comment system have been lost. Oh well, sorry about that.

Also, i am deciding on a template to use, to give my hundreds of readers better eye candy.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I command you to die

"China Orders Steps to Halt Spread of AIDS"

As soon as China can stop people from having sex, sharing needles, and enforce health standards they might be able to slow the spread of the AIDS virus.

aids is not a soldier that you can order to his death, AIDS is much more like a terrorist group in the respect that it could be anywhere, and their are not clear points to bomb. Viruses don't respect boarders or class divisions.

Overall, it is about time China started to do something about it, everyone has know they could end up like Africa if they ignored the problem. Hopefully they will save some lives, buy admitting they have a problem and doing something about it.



This article is great, I learned a lot.

Of course it is interesting the left wants Medicare to act like walmart (dictate their price, and have a take it or leave it attitude), in regard to drug companies. Although, the left hates walmart.

"We want Medicare to act like a monopoly, but we don't want monopolies acting like monopolies."



Military Commander

If I know anything about war, I know that a military commander needs more than just loyalty of the troops, and more than just anger to win. Skill in military tactics is an essential part of winning a war against a major occupation force, especially when that force is larger and more powerful.

So to all the clerics aspiring to become Master of the Universe here are a few ideas on how the beat the Americans in Iraq.

The enemy must not know where you are.
If you are a Cleric and want to become a military commander, it might help if you went into hiding, so that we could not find you. Stop giving sermons and concentrate on you strategy. The more you talk the higher chance that we will find out where you are talking and kill you with GPS and Laser guided bombs, or just snipe you ass from miles away.

Control the troops.
When you declare a cease fire, either do sneak attacks at night when the lazy Americans are asleep or don't attack at all. Constantly attacking, and losing troops will not further you goal, unless of course you can raise people from the dead with your god given powers, then this point is mute.

Don't use the same I-have-not-got-bomb-in-this-mosque line, we have figured that one out. You could try schools though, it may take us a day to figure that one out. Remember, the sneakier the better.


Monday, May 10, 2004

Sharon's birth control

Try birth control or abortion i think it would work better than this

Sharon Prepares New Pull-Out Plan

Sunday, May 09, 2004

This is an amazing article that I found.

Black Gold

Just to quote some of it:

But Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency (IEA), says Opec's laissez-faire policy is "myopic". In the long run, it will lose market share, he says, because higher prices will lead to lower consumption as oil is used more efficiently and as more non-Opec producers are encouraged to pump more oil. "It's better to have medium prices and higher production than high prices and see their market share decline to non-Opec producers."

I learned a lot from this article. The only question I have is what is Americans part in all of this, and what are our current leaders ideas for dealing with these problems. If Iraq part of that plan, what about Israel?


Those crazy Canadians

The Prime Minister recognized nonetheless that private clinics that cater to the wealthy are flourishing because of the lack of funding for the public health-care system, where patients are often placed on long waiting lists. Opposition parties have blamed the Liberal Leader for cutting that funding in the 1990s when he was finance minister.

I thought it was a good thing for the government to allow people to pay for their own healthcare. Wouldn't it save the government money, and ease the load on the national health care system.

A number of clinics in Quebec offer immediate X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations to those who can afford it, while other patients can wait weeks or months for the same services in the public system.

The only times I have ever gotten an X-ray are at the dentist and when I have had broken bones. I would never wait weeks for an x-ray or MRI if I thought that I needed one. I would just rather pay for it myself, and not wait in line.

Questions about Dr. Elman dominated Mr. Martin's pre-campaign swing through a region of Quebec where the Liberals hope to win seats from the Bloc Qu'b'cois. The Bloc wants to make health-care funding a major election issue.

They are not worried about securing America's boarder from terrorist, but they care if everyone gets free health care. I don't think they should worry about securing America's boarder, when American secures our boarder, they can't really yell and scream about all they people that are ending up stuck in Canada.


Baseball and spiders

I love spiderman more than I love any sport. Although, I have recently come to like baseball for it's unpredictability. So I thought it was a great idea to use the bases as billboards. In truth you will be advertising more to the people who are playing than the actual fans. Now if you painted it on the field, that would be true advertisement.

So I was reading this article from a "true fan", and thought that I would share it.

Commissioner Bud Selig defended the ludicrous cross-promotion deal on "Spider-Man 2" at his Oakland news conference by saying that baseball was trying to reach out to the youth market. If baseball really wants to reach out to the youth market, it should put some money into keeping playgrounds open for youngsters to play baseball.

This person believes it is the MLB's job to build parks for his kids. It seems to me, if you wanted parks to have a baseball field in your neighborhood you should pay for it. If anything, the MLB should build baseball parks in Mexico and other such places to spread the sport around the world. As it is now the market in America is fairly well set. To ensure the survival and growth of baseball, the MLB should concentrate on places where the baseball market has not been tapped, like China and Latin American.

The first sign of greed was expansion beyond the original 16 teams. Then came the big television contracts and now, in the case of select teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, cable-TV companies that have greatly expanded revenues. To pay for those contracts, TV networks put in more commercials between innings, which slows the game to a snail's pace.

The reason why the teams expanded was because people loved the sport so much that they wanted it in their home town and because certain people thought they could make money with the baseball teams.

Secondly, If his beloved game did not make money for the TV stations, no one will see his game (not even him). Lets take a the made up sport named wack the monkey. If no one watched wack the monkey, then the TV stations will show other sports that pull in viewers. The TV stations are businesses also. If no one watches their stations, they can't sell commercials. If they can't sell commercials, they go out of business.

To pay for those contracts, TV networks put in more commercials between innings, which slows the game to a snail's pace.

Baseball once was the contemplative sport.

Contemplative means slow as hell to me. I don't know what century this guy was born in, but if you have to think about something, then it is slow. Kind like chess is a contemplative sport, and you don't associate chess with action. He complains about baseball being slow, then says that it used to be slow and he liked it that way.

Detroit was once known as a great baseball city, whose fans supported their team through thick and thin. But those were the hard-core fans, who loved watching baseball, even losing baseball.

No one likes a loser. America has always been that way, and that has never changed. We can respect you if you put up a good fight, but if you get constantly trampled, you just suck and no one cares.

Just as a side note here is a link to detroit's record.

Last winning season was 1993 (it was close). The last solid winning season was 1987. Which that is enough time for all the real fans to die of heatburn over their favorite team.

Then again this guy is a liberal, and they do have the ability to pick losers amazingly well.


PS I sent an email to this guy with a link to my site. I told him this:

Here are some comments on your article, i thought it was great. I fully agree with you out look on baseball, it has really gone to crap in the last 20 years.

heh heh sucker

Saturday, May 08, 2004

The best offense is a strong defense

National security is more important than the economy, social welfare, the transportation network, or even keeping public utilities up to date. All of those things cannot be maintained or improved if we have poor national security. 9-11 was the most expensive disaster to ever befall America, and that is just a taste of enemies want to do to America.

The missile defense network is one major thing that we can do to protect out country from known threats. Secondly, it is a deterrent to countries developing missiles. If they can't hit us (and our allies), why make them. Countries wanting to blow stuff up are going to have to come up with new riskier ways to blow things up.

When it is easier to get a nuke than it is to feed people in your own country. That is a major nation security problem, which needs to be handled. Since we can't nuke everyone, or get other countries to put down their arms peacefully. Our only option is to protect ourselves.

Since missile defense is a tougher technology to develop than nuclear weapons. We are going to have something that other countries want have until they figure it out. Secondly, we don’t need this technology now, but we might need it in the future. It is a lot easier to develop something like this of a technical nature when you back is not against the wall and you have time to test it and get it right.

The main technical problem with a missile defense shield, is that you can't hit anything you can see. As it stands know, America is really the only country to developed stealth technology, although that won't last long if countries need missiles that can't be seen. Russia is going the wrong direction in trying to build missiles that out maneuver other missiles. Our lethal combination of stealth technology and defense shield will give us maximum protection.|top|05-07-2004::08:06|reuters.html


Friday, May 07, 2004

And he is laughing all the way to hell

Less than 24 hours after accusing the Walt Disney Company of pulling the plug on his latest documentary in a blatant attempt at political censorship, the rabble-rousing film-maker Michael Moore has admitted he knew a year ago that Disney had no intention of distributing it.

But Disney executives insists there was never any contract. And a source close to Miramax said that the only deal there was for financing, not for distribution.

Figures...I thought it was a little late to pull out. I though the last film he made good, but this is a very politcally charged movie which will have lots of political nonsense. I seriously doubt this movie will do as well.


Sex, lies, and video tapes§ion=news

It's not enough for the American president to punish the troops who committed the odious practices and it's not enough that the national security adviser (Condoleezza Rice) apologizes," commentator Ghassan Sharbal wrote in the London-based pan-Arab newspaper al-Hayat.

"It's not enough for Bush to be indignant... What they need to do is take an immediate decision to withdraw their forces from Iraq, confess the terrible injustice they have done to Iraq and apologize in public for what their troops have done," added Egyptian columnist Ahmed el-Birri in Egypt's al-Ahram.

"In the end we say to them (Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair): 'Enough of your illusions. The time of empires has passed and will never return.'," he added.

This is what I am hearing...America is evil because they are doing the job that we should have done, but were afraid to do.
Their are two options I see here. Either Arabs have a serious I-think-I-am-right-all-the-time-complex or many of the Arab cultures can't critique their own governments, so the only country they can critique is America.

Iraq is closer to a free nation than it has been in 20 years, and I can assure you that America has not intention of taking of that pathetic country for very long. In five years you will be lusting after their plump young virgins, and curse yourself and your children for not being of Iraq lineage. That is how those people say things over there. Here is a southern English translation: Damn, Ani't Iraq doing pretty good fer it's ole'self.

The United States should allow family visits to the hundreds of Muslim detainees at Gunatanamo, some of whom have spent over two years in custody without trial, and allow an independent investigation of detention conditions, he said.

How are they going to get there? They can't make it through the security checkpoints at the airports, because their names are on the most wanted lists. Also, shouldn't their limited money be spent on blowing America up, instead of visiting family that tried to blow America up.

"No matter how hard Bush pledges to punish those responsible, there will be no guarantee these barbaric acts will stop as long as the sovereignty of the people of Iraq is violated by foreign occupation," said the Qatar paper al-Watan.

I belief that everything has a price, even your life has a dollar amount attached to it. Buy taking over Iraq, we have increased the value of their lives, because now the world actually cares what happens to them. Which is a great improvement over before, when no one cared. Now we just need to work out magic in all the other Arab countries, most of Africa, china, and north Korea.

Well no one points out the fact that these tortured people in Iraq, are still alive to talk about it, which is better than they would have gotten a year ago.


Go Arkansas, and if they don't agree with you just shoot them.,2933,119144,00.html

Since Medicaid (search) doesn't cover adults who are non-citizens, whether they'e in the U.S. legally or not, the unborn fetus will now have rights the mother doesn't have, in addition to being considered an American citizen in the eyes of the federal government.

Of course this does make Arkansas spend more money, but it is a hard to argue against prenatal care. If the kids is born, you might have to give it more care (which means more money) because you did not give it proper prenatal care. Essentially, you could possibly save money identifying problems earlier. Because once the kids is born it is an American citizen.

Of course this has to piss of the liberals, who want to give free health care to all, but are also want people to be able to kill their own children. Of course you could offer free abortions like Russia.

I am surprised the liberals have not hit on that idea, yet.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

American had better watch out.

While the Fox administration may embrace US political views, many Mexicans do not. Tuesday, some 2,000 Mexicans marched in the capital waving Cuban flags and calling for Fox's resignation. "Cuba, yes! Yankees, no!" they shouted. "The Mexican people love Cuba!"

I was not aware of the world's love for Cuba, much less Mexico's love for the small, improvised, and communist nation. I just don't see how a rational person can like Cuba. I can see how a rational person can respect what Castro has done. Stay in power his entire life, but not the methods he uses to stay in power. Latin America has a few people who refuse to stand up and point fingers at Cuba. They might just see a little too much of their own style in Castro to feel comfortable pointing fingers.

Argentina's close relationship with the US in the 1990s indirectly led to a economic collapse that brought left-leaning Nestor Kirchner to the nation's presidency, only months after Brazil elected Luíz Inácio Lula da Silva, a former union organizer. Each has worked to create a free trade area that doesn't include the US.

I don't see the problem here, if they don't want to play with the US that is fine. Although, once they enter into a real trade agreement, they won't be calling the shots any more. Every country will have a say, which given time America will work to reduce trade barriers with the trade bloc, which will act more rationally than an individually country which has a problem with the US.

Relations between the US and Latin America are at a dangerous low," says political analyst Andres Oppenheimer. "A return to the times of chaos and instability could convert itself into a serious problem for the national security of the United States."

Given this entire article said, you wonder why Latin America can't seem to get on its feet. They like Cuba and they are trying to cut us out of economic deals. Which I would never cut America out of economic deals, I would just make sure I got a larger cut than America got, but of course since we are better than them, that would be impossible.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

That new fangled dangled rock in roll

I went and spend some time hanging out with the youth of America this weekend.

I saw Switchfoot, Fuel, Paul Thorn, Live, Foo Fighters, heard from afar Charlie Daniels Band and O.A.R.

I was bored halfway though Foo Fighters, they put on a good show, I was just tried of standing in a large crowd, tried of standing in the mud, tried of standing in the rain, tired of getting hit with people crowd surfing, and tired of getting knocked around like a skinny 15 year old. Then they played everlong, and I was happy again. I was afraid that I was getting old and could not hang with all the little cute children moshing and crowd surfing. All I needed was my favorite song from the band, and it was all good.

In general, i would say that if the average kid is twice as smart as most of the people i saw this weekend, america is screwed. The fun-in-the-middle terrorist are going to kick our butts. As i will say from know on, if you want to feel good about yourself, go see the morons at the rock concert.

Although, if you want a great take on life in the south, check out Paul thorn. I loved him, and may start writing love letters to him.


Sunday, May 02, 2004

The actual purpose of the UN

To commit a crime against peace, one must engage in planning, preparation, initiation or waging of war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties . . . or participation in a common plan or conspiracy . . . to wage an aggressive war. Bush is guilty on all these counts. The most damning evidence coming not from the liberal left, but in a series of well-documented books providing revelations by people in his own administration or party. Now, with Woodward's work, the President is condemned with his own words.

Iraq (WMD programs), North Korea (constant testing missiles near Japan and the building of Nukes), Iran (building of nukes), Libya (WMD's and working on Nukes), Pakistan and India both fall in this group for constantly trying to engage in a war against each other. Know I have learned that the US falls in this group, because we attacked some one else in this group. Wait a minute was not the US enforcing the laws the rest of the world has agreed upon.

Deploring the fact that Iraq has not provided an accurate, full, final, and complete disclosure, as required by resolution 687 (1991), of all aspects of its programmes to develop weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles with a range greater than one hundred and fifty kilometers, and of all holdings of such weapons, their components and production facilities and locations, as well as all other nuclear programmes, including any which it claims are for purposes not related to nuclear-weapons-usable material,

further down

Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,

1. Decides that Iraq has been and remains in material breach of its obligations under relevant resolutions, including resolution 687 (1991), in particular through Iraq's failure to cooperate with United Nations inspectors and the IAEA, and to complete the actions required under paragraphs 8 to 13 of resolution 687 (1991);

2. Decides, while acknowledging paragraph 1 above, to afford Iraq, by this resolution, a final opportunity to comply with its disarmament obligations under relevant resolutions of the Council; and accordingly decides to set up an enhanced inspection regime with the aim of bringing to full and verified completion the disarmament process established by resolution 687 (1991) and subsequent resolutions of the Council;

3. Decides that, in order to begin to comply with its disarmament obligations, in addition to submitting the required biannual declarations, the Government of Iraq shall provide to UNMOVIC, the IAEA, and the Council, not later than 30 days from the date of this resolution, a currently accurate, full, and complete declaration of all aspects of its programmes to develop chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and other delivery systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles and dispersal systems designed for use on aircraft, including any holdings and precise locations of such weapons, components, sub-components, stocks of agents, and related material and equipment, the locations and work of its research, development and production facilities, as well as all other chemical, biological, and nuclear programmes, including any which it claims are for purposes not related to weapon production or material;

The UN (self proclaimed policeman of the world) decided that Iraq should disarm, Iraq did not disarm. The UN was also unwilling to use force. Just because the group responsible for enforcing the law fails, does not mean the law does not exist. While America acted with others to enforce the law the UN passed, America still acted outside legal process. You can't accuse America of war crimes, but you can accuse America of being a vigilante. When the police fail to protect, you only have yourself to rely on. (At least that is the way it works in America. I don't know how it works in the rest of the world.)

Bush would be hard pressed before any tribunal, short of a Texas kangaroo court, to establish that the Iraqi military was an imminent threat to the U.S. Iraq was a defeated, heavily impoverished nation, under economic sanctions and restricted by U.S.-enforced no-fly zones in both its north and south.

First off those were US, Britain and France no fly zones, not just American no fly zones. Secondly, Iraq was attacked because it was a threat and because of the fact Iraq was not disarming. The last reason is enough for me to justify attacking a country. When the UN says something in the area of worldwide security, it needs to have teeth. It just so happens that America is the blood and guts that carry the teeth.

To allow counties who have violated UN rules and regulations to escape punishment from the UN will put the world in a epic worldwide battle cycle, or at least set the stage for serious regional conflicts like Gulf War 1.


Evolution Baby

This is a great article that really shows how the army is set up, and what makes it a very special organization.

It is amazing how they are able to adjust their goals and tactics to fit the situation at hand. Although I don't know if it happened quick enough in this case. That does not negate the fact that it did happen though. If I was an upper level general, I would want to know what I could do to make these types of changes happen quicker.


Saturday, May 01, 2004

Sometimes the Smartest Men are Beaten: Vol 2

I don't know what it means when you link to yourself, but here it goes.

Sky Miles

It took awhile to follow up on the third lead which was last mentioned for various reasons that are too long to name.

It does work, and o am a Genius. Although a few details need to be hammered out to decide the effectiveness of the scam.

Now on to bigger better ideas.

What if you are able to gamble and make money. The odds makers give out odds, and it seems to me that if you always bet on the heavy favorite then overtime you will make money, if the odds makers are correct.

In fact, this entire premise rest on the fact the odds makers are correct (most of the time). Of course, if they did their job poorly, then they would go out of business. So in picking your odds maker, pick one that has been around awhile. Also if you combined odds from several different trusted sources, you could get a good picture of what everyone thinks. You could use the collective experience of many odds makers to determine what the entire group of odds makers thought, and hopefully come out with a better prediction.

Now class lets dig into the details.

Here is the breakdown of some bets that could be made. Five different one dollar bets are made, with a payout of thirty cents per dollar bet. A well known online sports book has this exact situation for 4 to 13 odds. (which are great oods by the way)

Bet 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
Lose -1.00 1.30 1.30 1.30 1.30
Profits -1.00 -.70 -.40 -.10 .20

Profits are twenty cents on five dollars. A modest 4 percent return. If 4 to 13 odds were 80 percent or more accurate, you could make 4 percent profit every day. If the money is compounded, that is some serious cash in a very short period of time.

You can do some research on this, but I am going to do it. Get rich quick when you are young and can take the risk.

All it should take is one initial investment. If it were to compound daily, through constant work and effort. You could have in the millions of dollars.


Odd story

The sector has gotten a boost from a new California plan to invest $1.5 billion of the state's pension funds in environmental technologies. State Treasurer Phil Angelides said the "Green Wave" initiative is aimed at helping the state improve financial returns, generate jobs and clean up the environment.

"I want to see California in the best position to reap the benefits of this growing sector of the global economy," Angelides said in an interview.

The California Public Employees' Retirement System, the nation's largest pension fund, voted in March to invest $200 million in clean technology startups, and agreed this month to pump $500 million into environmentally responsible stocks and mutual funds.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg," said the Cleantech Venture Network's Raab. "I think you'll see other pension funds following suit."

I would rather have my money, than let the state control my money. Although, if a state was going to take my money and not give it to me, i would want to invest the state to invest it in the private market. Although i don't know if green tech is the way to go. I doubt that you will see other states putting pension money into unproven investments. Then again if it pays off it will pay off big, of course i would not want the state taking that kind of risk with my money.

Then again, you wonder by California's books are not so pretty.


CNN money can't be right

Both spending and income increased only 0.1 percent in March when adjusted for increased prices. The report's price index, a measure of inflation, was up 0.3 percent in March, compared with a 0.2 percent rise in February.

Let me go listen to Air America to find out while this is wrong and it is Bush's fault that it is wrong. Air America is the one true news source in America, and everyone else is wrong. That is at least what they say.