Wednesday, May 26, 2004


First the strong stuff. The president reached for the rhetorical heights by citing the horrific beheading of Nicholas Berg, as part of his latest to convince Americans that Iraq and Al Qaeda are part of one and the same War on Terror.

So the men who killed Nick Berg, are not terrorists.

If it walks like a terrorist, talks like a terrorist, and (note: until this point I could have been talking about any of the environmental groups) kills innocent civilians like a terrorist ... It is a terrorist.

Their have been a few major terrorist bombing in Iraq, and don't forget the Zarqawi letter. If Iraq did not have connections to terrorist before we took them over they have connections now. Instead of waiting for the terrorist to come attack us we have taken to fight to them. Iraq is the new area in which they are going to fight the Zionist pigs. Which I know the thought of soldiers dying is not a pleasant one for anyone, most people would rather be fighting in Iraq than being attacked on our soil.

The challenge for Bush is to convince Iraqis and Americans that the U.S. is no longer resented in Iraq. It's not clear his five-point plan can get anywhere close to that goal, any time soon.

This writer did not suggest any ideas of his own, all he did was critique the ones that were out there already.


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