Friday, May 07, 2004

Go Arkansas, and if they don't agree with you just shoot them.,2933,119144,00.html

Since Medicaid (search) doesn't cover adults who are non-citizens, whether they'e in the U.S. legally or not, the unborn fetus will now have rights the mother doesn't have, in addition to being considered an American citizen in the eyes of the federal government.

Of course this does make Arkansas spend more money, but it is a hard to argue against prenatal care. If the kids is born, you might have to give it more care (which means more money) because you did not give it proper prenatal care. Essentially, you could possibly save money identifying problems earlier. Because once the kids is born it is an American citizen.

Of course this has to piss of the liberals, who want to give free health care to all, but are also want people to be able to kill their own children. Of course you could offer free abortions like Russia.

I am surprised the liberals have not hit on that idea, yet.


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