Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Military Commander

If I know anything about war, I know that a military commander needs more than just loyalty of the troops, and more than just anger to win. Skill in military tactics is an essential part of winning a war against a major occupation force, especially when that force is larger and more powerful.

So to all the clerics aspiring to become Master of the Universe here are a few ideas on how the beat the Americans in Iraq.

The enemy must not know where you are.
If you are a Cleric and want to become a military commander, it might help if you went into hiding, so that we could not find you. Stop giving sermons and concentrate on you strategy. The more you talk the higher chance that we will find out where you are talking and kill you with GPS and Laser guided bombs, or just snipe you ass from miles away.

Control the troops.
When you declare a cease fire, either do sneak attacks at night when the lazy Americans are asleep or don't attack at all. Constantly attacking, and losing troops will not further you goal, unless of course you can raise people from the dead with your god given powers, then this point is mute.

Don't use the same I-have-not-got-bomb-in-this-mosque line, we have figured that one out. You could try schools though, it may take us a day to figure that one out. Remember, the sneakier the better.



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