Thursday, May 20, 2004

Release the oil

I am confused, the democrats want the price of oil to drop?

I thought a higher price of oil was a good thing, because that meant people drove less, and polluted the environment less.

Or is their a plan that I am unaware of to give people a daily ration of gas, because it is the government's duty to give people oil and make sure that they can get to their living wage job.

The only good suggestion I have heard on the oil issue is that Bush should threaten to release the oil to scare OPEC into making more oil.

Of course it is not in the best interest of OPEC to keep the price high, the higher it gets the more people are going to start making oil, and the easier it is going to be to get into the oil business from scratch. Which that will ruin OPEC's hold on the market and they can't have that.



Gib said...

Amen. I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me what it is about low gas prices that Democrats consider a good thing. Heck, Andrew Sullivan's honest enough to admit he wants gas prices higher to reduce pollution. Does Kerry have a theory where we can drive all we want and burn cheap gas and still reduce pollution? I ask, cause he keeps mocking people who want increased spending and tax cuts.

Anonymous said...

Proably build a huge transportaion network that woudl cost millions, and would be better than Europe rail network.

Of course Europe taxes gas more than america in order to make the rail network more pleasing.

In general i would like the price of gas to be low, but if it rises i see the good side of it also (lower pollution, other forms of energy become a better looking choice, opens up the market for innovation), but the cons is that it slow world econmic growth.