Friday, February 24, 2006

Going Dark

This is the last post before I break down my computer. I do not know how long it will take me to get back online. I picked up the moving truck. It's max speed is 75mph, or so the little sticker says on the inside. I am washing the last load of clothes before I put the washer and dryer up.

I've got a lot of work to do before I am done. Wish me luck and safe travels.


Bestiality Rampant Among Feral Children

A recently published study reported that children raised by animals in the wild (popularly known as feral children) were six times more likely to engage in sexual acts with animals than normal children raised by humans. The suspected cause of these abnormally high numbers is suspected to be isolation, the same reason that causes lonely farm teens to experiment sexually with their livestock. As a side note, people living on farms during their adolescence are four times more likely to have a sexual encounter with an animal than the average person. Explaining the findings, one of the scientists said' "Sex is a basic primal urge. When it can't be fulfilled with healthy, normal people subjects will turn to alternatives. You can observe this at any bar. The unhealthy or unattractive females will eventually be picked up at the end of the night when no other prospects can be found."

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fighting fascism with Censorship

A British man has just been sentenced to three years in an Austrian prison for publicly denying that the Holocaust occurred. I am of the opinion that the Holocaust did happen, but I am also of the opinion that people should not be imprisoned for presenting their own viewpoints. This guy might be an anti-Semite, and he might be a real scumbag, but if he is then you can try and nail him for that. Denying the Holocaust is disputing an official version of history. If this guy thinks he can make a case, then let him. I don't think he will be successful. But throwing people in jail for speaking out against the official version of events is exactly the kind of sick twisted legacy that the Nazis would have been proud to leave behind. Nice homage Austria.

XCR news

The XCR™ was shown in Las Vegas during the Shot Show. We were told that it was the most exciting thing at the Show.

Click here to download our latest brochure.

Rifles are almost ready to ship.

We finally received our test ammunition from Remington so we can finalize the 6.8 conversion kit.

I am really exicted about this rifle. I think that it is going to be awhile until i buy a carbine, but if this was available and I was buying right now, i would buy this or the sig 556 to try somthing different.


Monday, February 20, 2006

New Energy

Anyone that has followed this post knows that I am not a big Bush Cheerleader, but I like to give everyone a fair shake. On this note, I am really optimistic about Bush's call to develop alternative energy sources. Oil is a cheap and viable means of producing energy, but given its ultimately limited supply and our current political positions, it needs to be replaced as the only egg in our basket. Ethanol is a great backup choice. It is renewable, more environmentally friendly, and it would be produced in large part by American farmers. Granted, ethanol is only practical at this point with the help of government subsidies, but what would we think about gas prices if the government didn't help to keep them artificially lower than most other parts of the world? And I think nuclear is a good choice for household energy needs. I think we have advanced to the point where we should be able to manage the risks it presents. As much as Bush is criticized for catering to the interests of big business and oil, I think it is great to see him as a proponent of alternative energy.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Auto Awards

The International Society of Potential Suicide Bombers (ISPSB) have just named the Ford Pinto the greatest car of all time. It isn't the shiniest or fastest thing you could buy, but it can be converted into a roadside bomb with minimal effort.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just A Note

If you ever live near a military base in Germany, you may be amazed to find out that old BMWs are extremely valuable on base, and worthless once you leave the gate. I have an old '88 316 beater that I bought from a friend. As long as they are running, you can expect anywhere between $900 and $1500 on base. But I tried to trade it in today, and I was informed that you can't give away an old BMW to a German. The salesman offered to store it on his lot until I could get rid of it, or try to find some good parts on it that I could trade him, but absolutely would not take the car. So now I am looking for another Joe to pawn it off on. Apparently Germans have to pay a really high tax to drive old cars that don't meet new emission standards. US soldiers are exempt from this tax, and we pay about a third of the price that they pay for gas.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The name of Britney spears new comeback album

Stretchmarks and Cellulite.
curtsy of stewardess

Friday, February 03, 2006

Moving On

Dear Internet Friends,

Some of you who read this blog know that I have been looking for a job in
Tulsa to be closer to my girlfriend. Well, I have accepted a job in Tulsa.
The last day at my current job will be the 22nd. Presently, I do not know
what the date of starting the new job will be, but it will probably be
sometime during the second week of March.

Posting will be short, in passing, and probably be mostly about 24 during
this busy period. I hope to join you again on the great wide internets once
I am completely settled.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Last nights episode marked the return of Weepy-in-love-Jack. Weepy in
love jack was introduced last year because jack ran out of middle eastern
men to kill. Heh.

The last two weeks of 24 have been plot building. Next week should be build
more tension, though from the previews i can tell you that Jack will kill
more next week than he did this week.

Though i believe that next week marks the return of really, really hot
terrorist chick that has made an appearance in all 5 seasons. Some of here
more memorable events were trying to kill palmer with hand cooties, blowing
up a plane then jumping out of it, and then getting her butt kicked by jack
last season, though he let her go and did not kill her.

So far jack has straightened out two Presidents.