Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just A Note

If you ever live near a military base in Germany, you may be amazed to find out that old BMWs are extremely valuable on base, and worthless once you leave the gate. I have an old '88 316 beater that I bought from a friend. As long as they are running, you can expect anywhere between $900 and $1500 on base. But I tried to trade it in today, and I was informed that you can't give away an old BMW to a German. The salesman offered to store it on his lot until I could get rid of it, or try to find some good parts on it that I could trade him, but absolutely would not take the car. So now I am looking for another Joe to pawn it off on. Apparently Germans have to pay a really high tax to drive old cars that don't meet new emission standards. US soldiers are exempt from this tax, and we pay about a third of the price that they pay for gas.

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yodi-va said...

That is sad and funny on so many levels. I had an Opal when I got orders back to the state. You just can't sell an american used car to a "native". Cars come into the american system and then never leave and they're all junkers. I remember playing a game called "spot the junker" and the junker was always driven by an american, never a german. I wondered once what happened to german owned vehicles when they went into decline, my german friends told me they just sold them to americans. I ended up giving my Opal to an E-2 that had just arrived. I would have felt guilty selling it, knowing it was on it's last legs when I had gotten it. I just hope Magioretti got alot of good use out of it. "Spot the junker" isn't any fun stateside. Hang in there.