Wednesday, February 22, 2006

XCR news

The XCR™ was shown in Las Vegas during the Shot Show. We were told that it was the most exciting thing at the Show.

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Rifles are almost ready to ship.

We finally received our test ammunition from Remington so we can finalize the 6.8 conversion kit.

I am really exicted about this rifle. I think that it is going to be awhile until i buy a carbine, but if this was available and I was buying right now, i would buy this or the sig 556 to try somthing different.



Sandcastle said...

So you would definitely recommend buying this, or a different rifle, or something else entirely?

Cubicle said... depends.

If you are looking to try somthing different in a carbine or looking for a assult rifle in 6.8, this this rifle should be a contender.

If you are looking to go tried and true, then i could not suggest this rifle, because it is too new and there are serveral other high quality manufacturers of the ar-15 type rilfes that have known quality.