Friday, February 24, 2006

Bestiality Rampant Among Feral Children

A recently published study reported that children raised by animals in the wild (popularly known as feral children) were six times more likely to engage in sexual acts with animals than normal children raised by humans. The suspected cause of these abnormally high numbers is suspected to be isolation, the same reason that causes lonely farm teens to experiment sexually with their livestock. As a side note, people living on farms during their adolescence are four times more likely to have a sexual encounter with an animal than the average person. Explaining the findings, one of the scientists said' "Sex is a basic primal urge. When it can't be fulfilled with healthy, normal people subjects will turn to alternatives. You can observe this at any bar. The unhealthy or unattractive females will eventually be picked up at the end of the night when no other prospects can be found."

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