Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Apocalypse Now!

Given your choice, which threat to humanity would you choose to face if you had to pick one; disease pandemic, zombie outbreak, alien invasion, rapid climate change, or nuclear war? And how would you prepare? Those of you that have been reading this blog for a few years probably know that I would choose the zombies. Also include your reason. Do you think you would have better chances to survive one, would one be more interesting than another, or would you rather inhabit the world in the aftermath of one specific incident?

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Attack on Rumsfeld

I am tired about reading how retired generals should keep their mouths shut. As a soldier, you are charged with obeying the lawful orders of those appointed over you. As a private citizen, you are obliged to speak your mind freely and enjoy the protections granted to you under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Yes, it is impolite to gang up and criticize your old boss. However, it is important for the public to know that every general officer involved in the planning and execution of the second Gulf War has absolutely no confidence in the guy running the show. It is one thing to listen to privates and the mothers of soldiers bitch about Iraq, it is entirely another thing to hear criticism coming from those involved at the very highest levels.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Iran again

I found a good blog that keeps up to date information about the situation with Iran for anyone interested. Check it out. Justus For All (link at right of screen) also has a good debate going in their comments section. I think the biggest problem is that we aren't going to be able to solve this situation by force, and we have elected an administration that fumbles with persuasion. Iran is exploring what they see to be their best options. Nuclear capability will boast national pride, including them in an elite group of countries. It will also shore up their military defenses. They control such vast quantities of oil that they don't need to fear an economic embargo. They lose face if they bow to wishes of the west, and they don't have anything to gain. We are going to need to consider the problem in this context if we are going to find a solution.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Oil free Brazil

Brazil is close to accomplishing its plan of becoming an oil independent nation (article). It has been working on increasing its own state owned oil production as well as spreading the use of ethanol fueled vehicles. The ethanol is produced using Brazil grown sugarcane. Maybe we should look to Brazil and form a plan to reduce our need to buy OPEC oil. Or am I the only one concerned that we get our most vital resource from our biggest enemies?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Aliens and Thought Control

The most often tossed around numbers claim that there are 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Pundits are arguing back and forth as to how to deal with all of them. Forget all of the ideas discussed on the O'Reily Factor. This is about supply and demand. Much like the drug issue in our country, as long as the demand for this labor remains, the supply will keep finding a way to accomodate. Two things need to happen. We need to set up an effective system of controlling, or at least limiting, the enormous influx of poor, unregistered people into our country. Then we need to pass laws that provide stiff penalties for people and companies that employ illegal aliens. Of course we will also need to find ways to enforce both of these objectives. After that pressure has been applied to this problem, we can start finding ways to deal with all of the immigrants that are here. First, I would like to identify and track them. I don't think we can realistically deport 11 million people, but we also shouldn't pass laws that allow them to bring their families into the US. We can give them a grace period of immunity, and then urge them to report for processing. If all of their labor is replaced by higher priced American labor, then the prices of hundreds of things will rise considerably. But if we can find a program to allow them to work for low wages and report their income, then we can start to get some economic return to soften the blow. Companies would then be able to request "guest workers" as needed, and we could set up an entire industry catering to this need. Rather than have people cross in on their own, we could set up businesses to find them employment and housing, and make sure that we only take in the people that we really want to have here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

24 Season 5 Body Count

Hour Number Of kills Person Killed Killed By Whom Killed by what
H1 1 President Palmer Sniper named Haas .308 Sinper rifle
H1 1 Michelle Almeida Car Bomb
H1 1 Slow Terrorist Jack Bauer By Knife
H1 2 Terrorists Jack Bauer HK USP\P2000
H1 1 Haas Jack Bauer HK USP\P2000
H2 2 Security Gaurds in bank Terrorists
H2 1 Terrorist named Chevensky Suicide Cyanide pill
H3 1 Civilian (for attempting to use a cell phone) Terrorists 1911
H3 1 Civilian (executed) Terrorists 1911
H3 2 Terrorists* Jack (assist Chloe) Blew up a bomb attached to cell phone
H4 1 Civilian (executed) Terrorists 1911
H4 1 Terrorist Jack Bauer 1911
H4 1 Terrorist Cell Leader named Beresch Suicide Bomb
H4 10 Terrorists* CTU Agents Bomb
H5 1 CTU Doctor Goverment Assassin named Hank
H5 1 Goverment Assassin named Hank Jack Bauer Scissors to Throat.
H61Schaeffer, Cummings inside manErwichUnknown
H72Rossler's security guardsJack BauerHK USP\P2000
H71Walt CummingsHimselfSuicide with his own tie
H71Motrocycle mechanicErwich Glock
H71Computer Molester named RosslerInessaGlock
H81Mall Security GaurdTerrorist named PolakovSupressed Bretta
H81TerroristJack BauerHis legs
H811Civilians in mallTerroristsSentox Gas
H81Terrorist named PolakovHimself1911
H91EwrichVladimir BierkoKnife
H91Nathanson's associate at computerVladimir Bierko's menGun
H91NathansonVladimir Bierko's men in helicopterGun
H92TerroristJack BauerHK USP\P2000
H102Police Officers on motorcyclesTerroristsMachine Guns
H102Secert Service AgentsTerroristsMachine Guns
H101Secret Service Agent Driving the limoTerroristsRocket Launcher
H111TerroristCurtisHK USP\P2000
H111Crack HeadTerroristGun
H111Crack Head girlfriendTerroristGun
H121Hot CTU AnalystTerroristsKnife
H121CTU GuardTerroristsGun
H121TerroristJack BauerHK USP\P2000
H121EdgarTerroristsSentox Gas
H13 1 Red Shirt Ostroff Sentox Gas
H13 1 Lyn McGill Ostroff Sentox Gas
H13 1 Tony Almedia Henderson Syringe to Heart
H151 Police OfficerBierkoStrangled
H151 Police OfficerBierko's menGun
H151 Security GuardBierko's menGun
H152 Gas GuysBierko's menGun
H151 Gas EngineerBierko's menGun
H151 TerroristJack BauerSilenced gun
H151 TerroristCurtisSilenced gun
H152 CTU AgentsBierko's menGuns
H153 TerroristsJack BauerGun
H163 TerroristsJack BauerGun
H161 TerroristJack BauerKnife
H162 TerroristsWayne PlamerGun
H161 TerroristHendersonSUV
H173TerroristsJack BauerGun
H172Police OfficersTerroristsGun
H183TerroristsJack BauerGun
H181TerroristHeller's GuardGun
H181Heller's GuardTerroristsGun
H183TerroristsJack BauerBlowed up a gas tank

Hour Number Wounded Person By Whom By What
H11 1 Old Lady Jack Bauer HK USP\P2000
H181Audrey RainesHendersonKnife

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I told ya once

Link: "15 women lose jobs after attending rally; manager says they were warned"

Americans work and don't protest, they sooner they learn that the better.


An American Version of Big Brother

Big Brother is real and terrifying in China

Link:"China has recorded details of more than 96 percent of its population on a police database, state media reported on Friday, supplementing Internet and other state-sanctioned surveillance.

Since the 2003 launch of its "Gold Shield Program," the Public Security Bureau had collected information on about 1.25 billion of the country's 1.3 billion people."

It is coming to America, though in a different form.

link:"Google aims to be able to track its users to within 100-200 feet of their location through new wireless networks in order to serve them with relevant advertising from local businesses."

They can have my information as long as they do really cool stuff to it.


Only in new York


"The mayor acknowledged the same problem. "I don't think it's realistic to think that everybody can go to work," he said, "but we are going in the right direction.""

Yea right. The only people who cannot work in this day and age are the dead and comatose ones. Thanks to information technology we have created menial jobs that anyone can do. Again thanks to information technology we have also given those who are willing to work but unable to travel or do anything physical the ability to do something useful (like answer the phone).


Iran and being backed against a wall

I haven't posted in a while. I have been spending my time getting engaged, learning how to cook, and visiting 1800 year old churches. But I intend to allot a little more of my time on this page.

The biggest thing I have been following in the news has been Iran. It is really a delicate problem and our president isn't exactly known for dealing with things delicately. One side is calling for no military action. This presents several problems. Iran is the fourth largest exporter of oil in the world. This gives it plently of leverage with other nations, and as oil rises past $70 a barrel, sanctions would hurt the rest of the world more than they would hurt Iran. Also, economic sanctions in no way guarantees that Iran will abandon its nuclear ambitions.

Others want to wait it out. They say that it is unlikely that Iran could make a nuclear weapon in less than six years, and even if they did they would be unlikely to use it for offensive purposes. I would like to remind these people that Iran is one of the largest state sponsors of terrorism, and any nuclear capabilities could be transferred to any of its pet terror groups. And while a convential warhead may be out of their reach at this moment, they are definitely capable of creating plenty of dirty bombs, which would be more practical for terrorists in any case.

So it looks like military action is the only option left, doesn't it? But even this presents problems. The US has hundreds of thousands of troops withing striking distance of Iran. Any bombing sets us up for retalitory attacks. If Iran pursued this option we could be facing a long, protracted, and costly war. It could be a war that we can't fight with our current resources. We have spread ourselves thin with Afghanistan and Iraq. If Iran took the war to Iraq, we would not only lost anything that we have built there so far, but it is likely that the numerous Shiite militias would support Shiite-led Iran. As other countries get involved based on their need for oil, geographic location, and religious affiliation, we could be looking at a potential world war. A world war with nukes.

And diplomacy is obviously failing. We don't have too much to offer Iran, and they seem to be obstinate just because they can. They seem to delight in causing a such a major problem. We can only hope a few good earthquakes do them all in.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Latino Connection

It is true that some people come to America to find fame and fortune, though I can't say that is true of the Latino's currently illegally in America. I have uncovered the truth to their activities and the information that I am going to share with you requires action.

The current crop of latinos have made it seem that they are here to send money back home, well that is not true. They are working hand in hand with corporate america to replace the government, and for that betrayal of american values they must be deported.

Ask yourself why a person would participate in lowing wages and lowing living standards, when you have the great republic of Mexico to live and work in. When you realize that they are making pennies on the dollar in America when they could be making a living wage in Mexico, you start to wonder why they are here in america. They are not here to enjoy "alternate lifestyles" or smoke weed all day long, because they work way to much for that. It then becomes clear that corporate america is paying them under the table to undermine the fair and balanced economic system we have.

They are on the direct payroll of the Wal-mart and McDonalds. When was the last time you saw a mexican in Costco? Ohh...Snap. When all of this becomes clear, you realize that they must go and come in legally and allow they government to place them in an approved and sanctioned job.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Digging my new camera phone

Here is a pic of a vending machine at work. Ice cream and smart ones. Microwavable meals in a vending machine...I love technology. BTW...thats me in the glass.

Here is a place I ate lunch at. Just need to get a picture of pro choice cleanes and the collection will be complete.


Europe the real bigots


"Soccer, with its many black stars, ought to be a showcase of multiracial harmony, especially in France, which draws heavily on talent from its former African colonies. Instead, the brawling soccer fans have emerged as the extreme fringe of a deeply troubled France _ one that is grappling with stiffening resistance to immigration, protests linked to youth unemployment and the perceived threat of globalization."


Latino Gold


"As New Orleans redefines itself after Katrina, the influx of large numbers of Latino immigrants is another jolt for a city that has historically thought of itself as black and white."

Not ture. New Orleans before the hurricane was 80 percent black. They city has never really thought of itself as black and white.

"The [latino] group slept in a park for a month, showered with hoses and used bushes as toilets. By day they put blue tarps on roofs for a FEMA subcontractor.

"We ate once a day," Santos said. "We'd buy canned food from a store that had a few things for sale.""

Contrast that against this....

""There are thousands of blacks that are still out of town who can't get back to town because there's no housing," said Elaine Smiley, an African American, as she oversaw the renovation of her home in the Gentilly neighborhood. "If we had enough of those blacks back here, they could do the work.""

The mexicans did not need houses.

"But the laborers have brought a single-minded focus on work that many residents say is foreign to the Big Easy. "We're here to work," said Juan Sanchez. "We're doing this to build our own houses in Mexico.""

That is one reason why we need to keep them out. They are not hear to build a better America, just a better Mexico.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Somthing Useful

Well I have had a few problems out of my old bank. Since I have closed the account in Memphis I have two charges come through on the account. One charge was from January the 8th from a restaurant. The other charge was from January the 27th and from a different restaurant.

I closed my accounts at the end of February.

Apparently, if you use your PIN the charges go though immediately, but if you use your debit card as a credit card the charges can go though at any time.

The bank said that it was not their fault. It is not my fault. They also said they would turn over my account to a collection agency if it is negative for 30 days. While it might go on my credit, the lady said it was only on their for 7 years. I probably will wait them out , just out of spite. Secondly, i doubt the collection agency can find me and I also doubt they will do anything serious about it for the small amount of money. Of course i could hire a lawyer just to piss people off, and I might do that.

But to by myself some time,
I decided to dispute the charges, just to make the bank do a little work.

Oh well, I learned something useful.



A few comments on the illegal situation in American.

1) When you have an porous border and do not take care of it, you get what the problem we have now: Lots of illegals and they all think they belong


"The latest protest came after one of the biggest protests in recent US history Saturday when more than 500,000 people marched in Los Angeles against the immigration reform bill that would make it a felony criminal offence to be in the United States illegally. "

2) Why don't we send a few ICE agents down there are arrest a few.

"The bill would also require employers to verify social security numbers with the Department of Homeland Security, beef up penalties for immigrant smuggling and stiffen penalties for undocumented immigrants who reenter the United States after having been removed."

3) Of course that SSN has long been a de facto PIN, they might as well make it an actual pin, right? Because they can't solve the problem with the current laws they might as well enact a few more.

"At least 11 million illegal immigrants, most of them from neighboring Mexico, live in the United States and are responsible for keeping the human machinery of US cities humming. "

4) Yea right, what about the other 290 million in america.


""Today we march, tomorrow we vote," was the warning chanted by many of the 500,000 protesters who brought the second largest US city of Los Angeles to a standstill Saturday when they marched against the proposed crackdown on illegal immigration. "

5) Illegals and teenagers can't vote, and i am for keeping that that way moron.


"Truant students could face discipline ranging from suspension to exclusion from certain school-sponsored functions. Students who are cited by law enforcement officers can face fines up to 200 dollars and 20 days of community service."

6) Good there are consequences in America, and it is about time the illegals learned that.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show

Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show sat. My frist time going, looking forward to all the guns. The webpage says it is the largest in the world. I have high hopes.