Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Somthing Useful

Well I have had a few problems out of my old bank. Since I have closed the account in Memphis I have two charges come through on the account. One charge was from January the 8th from a restaurant. The other charge was from January the 27th and from a different restaurant.

I closed my accounts at the end of February.

Apparently, if you use your PIN the charges go though immediately, but if you use your debit card as a credit card the charges can go though at any time.

The bank said that it was not their fault. It is not my fault. They also said they would turn over my account to a collection agency if it is negative for 30 days. While it might go on my credit, the lady said it was only on their for 7 years. I probably will wait them out , just out of spite. Secondly, i doubt the collection agency can find me and I also doubt they will do anything serious about it for the small amount of money. Of course i could hire a lawyer just to piss people off, and I might do that.

But to by myself some time,
I decided to dispute the charges, just to make the bank do a little work.

Oh well, I learned something useful.



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