Wednesday, April 05, 2006


A few comments on the illegal situation in American.

1) When you have an porous border and do not take care of it, you get what the problem we have now: Lots of illegals and they all think they belong

"The latest protest came after one of the biggest protests in recent US history Saturday when more than 500,000 people marched in Los Angeles against the immigration reform bill that would make it a felony criminal offence to be in the United States illegally. "

2) Why don't we send a few ICE agents down there are arrest a few.

"The bill would also require employers to verify social security numbers with the Department of Homeland Security, beef up penalties for immigrant smuggling and stiffen penalties for undocumented immigrants who reenter the United States after having been removed."

3) Of course that SSN has long been a de facto PIN, they might as well make it an actual pin, right? Because they can't solve the problem with the current laws they might as well enact a few more.

"At least 11 million illegal immigrants, most of them from neighboring Mexico, live in the United States and are responsible for keeping the human machinery of US cities humming. "

4) Yea right, what about the other 290 million in america.

""Today we march, tomorrow we vote," was the warning chanted by many of the 500,000 protesters who brought the second largest US city of Los Angeles to a standstill Saturday when they marched against the proposed crackdown on illegal immigration. "

5) Illegals and teenagers can't vote, and i am for keeping that that way moron.

"Truant students could face discipline ranging from suspension to exclusion from certain school-sponsored functions. Students who are cited by law enforcement officers can face fines up to 200 dollars and 20 days of community service."

6) Good there are consequences in America, and it is about time the illegals learned that.


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