Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Latino Connection

It is true that some people come to America to find fame and fortune, though I can't say that is true of the Latino's currently illegally in America. I have uncovered the truth to their activities and the information that I am going to share with you requires action.

The current crop of latinos have made it seem that they are here to send money back home, well that is not true. They are working hand in hand with corporate america to replace the government, and for that betrayal of american values they must be deported.

Ask yourself why a person would participate in lowing wages and lowing living standards, when you have the great republic of Mexico to live and work in. When you realize that they are making pennies on the dollar in America when they could be making a living wage in Mexico, you start to wonder why they are here in america. They are not here to enjoy "alternate lifestyles" or smoke weed all day long, because they work way to much for that. It then becomes clear that corporate america is paying them under the table to undermine the fair and balanced economic system we have.

They are on the direct payroll of the Wal-mart and McDonalds. When was the last time you saw a mexican in Costco? Ohh...Snap. When all of this becomes clear, you realize that they must go and come in legally and allow they government to place them in an approved and sanctioned job.


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