Thursday, April 20, 2006

Aliens and Thought Control

The most often tossed around numbers claim that there are 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Pundits are arguing back and forth as to how to deal with all of them. Forget all of the ideas discussed on the O'Reily Factor. This is about supply and demand. Much like the drug issue in our country, as long as the demand for this labor remains, the supply will keep finding a way to accomodate. Two things need to happen. We need to set up an effective system of controlling, or at least limiting, the enormous influx of poor, unregistered people into our country. Then we need to pass laws that provide stiff penalties for people and companies that employ illegal aliens. Of course we will also need to find ways to enforce both of these objectives. After that pressure has been applied to this problem, we can start finding ways to deal with all of the immigrants that are here. First, I would like to identify and track them. I don't think we can realistically deport 11 million people, but we also shouldn't pass laws that allow them to bring their families into the US. We can give them a grace period of immunity, and then urge them to report for processing. If all of their labor is replaced by higher priced American labor, then the prices of hundreds of things will rise considerably. But if we can find a program to allow them to work for low wages and report their income, then we can start to get some economic return to soften the blow. Companies would then be able to request "guest workers" as needed, and we could set up an entire industry catering to this need. Rather than have people cross in on their own, we could set up businesses to find them employment and housing, and make sure that we only take in the people that we really want to have here.

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