Wednesday, April 19, 2006

24 Season 5 Body Count

Hour Number Of kills Person Killed Killed By Whom Killed by what
H1 1 President Palmer Sniper named Haas .308 Sinper rifle
H1 1 Michelle Almeida Car Bomb
H1 1 Slow Terrorist Jack Bauer By Knife
H1 2 Terrorists Jack Bauer HK USP\P2000
H1 1 Haas Jack Bauer HK USP\P2000
H2 2 Security Gaurds in bank Terrorists
H2 1 Terrorist named Chevensky Suicide Cyanide pill
H3 1 Civilian (for attempting to use a cell phone) Terrorists 1911
H3 1 Civilian (executed) Terrorists 1911
H3 2 Terrorists* Jack (assist Chloe) Blew up a bomb attached to cell phone
H4 1 Civilian (executed) Terrorists 1911
H4 1 Terrorist Jack Bauer 1911
H4 1 Terrorist Cell Leader named Beresch Suicide Bomb
H4 10 Terrorists* CTU Agents Bomb
H5 1 CTU Doctor Goverment Assassin named Hank
H5 1 Goverment Assassin named Hank Jack Bauer Scissors to Throat.
H61Schaeffer, Cummings inside manErwichUnknown
H72Rossler's security guardsJack BauerHK USP\P2000
H71Walt CummingsHimselfSuicide with his own tie
H71Motrocycle mechanicErwich Glock
H71Computer Molester named RosslerInessaGlock
H81Mall Security GaurdTerrorist named PolakovSupressed Bretta
H81TerroristJack BauerHis legs
H811Civilians in mallTerroristsSentox Gas
H81Terrorist named PolakovHimself1911
H91EwrichVladimir BierkoKnife
H91Nathanson's associate at computerVladimir Bierko's menGun
H91NathansonVladimir Bierko's men in helicopterGun
H92TerroristJack BauerHK USP\P2000
H102Police Officers on motorcyclesTerroristsMachine Guns
H102Secert Service AgentsTerroristsMachine Guns
H101Secret Service Agent Driving the limoTerroristsRocket Launcher
H111TerroristCurtisHK USP\P2000
H111Crack HeadTerroristGun
H111Crack Head girlfriendTerroristGun
H121Hot CTU AnalystTerroristsKnife
H121CTU GuardTerroristsGun
H121TerroristJack BauerHK USP\P2000
H121EdgarTerroristsSentox Gas
H13 1 Red Shirt Ostroff Sentox Gas
H13 1 Lyn McGill Ostroff Sentox Gas
H13 1 Tony Almedia Henderson Syringe to Heart
H151 Police OfficerBierkoStrangled
H151 Police OfficerBierko's menGun
H151 Security GuardBierko's menGun
H152 Gas GuysBierko's menGun
H151 Gas EngineerBierko's menGun
H151 TerroristJack BauerSilenced gun
H151 TerroristCurtisSilenced gun
H152 CTU AgentsBierko's menGuns
H153 TerroristsJack BauerGun
H163 TerroristsJack BauerGun
H161 TerroristJack BauerKnife
H162 TerroristsWayne PlamerGun
H161 TerroristHendersonSUV
H173TerroristsJack BauerGun
H172Police OfficersTerroristsGun
H183TerroristsJack BauerGun
H181TerroristHeller's GuardGun
H181Heller's GuardTerroristsGun
H183TerroristsJack BauerBlowed up a gas tank

Hour Number Wounded Person By Whom By What
H11 1 Old Lady Jack Bauer HK USP\P2000
H181Audrey RainesHendersonKnife

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Marjorie said...

it's amazing how many deaths add up sooo fast....hahah....i love 24....great show!

Stewardess said...

Man, you're just a posting fool these days. Keep up the good work.