Saturday, April 15, 2006

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"As New Orleans redefines itself after Katrina, the influx of large numbers of Latino immigrants is another jolt for a city that has historically thought of itself as black and white."

Not ture. New Orleans before the hurricane was 80 percent black. They city has never really thought of itself as black and white.

"The [latino] group slept in a park for a month, showered with hoses and used bushes as toilets. By day they put blue tarps on roofs for a FEMA subcontractor.

"We ate once a day," Santos said. "We'd buy canned food from a store that had a few things for sale.""

Contrast that against this....

""There are thousands of blacks that are still out of town who can't get back to town because there's no housing," said Elaine Smiley, an African American, as she oversaw the renovation of her home in the Gentilly neighborhood. "If we had enough of those blacks back here, they could do the work.""

The mexicans did not need houses.

"But the laborers have brought a single-minded focus on work that many residents say is foreign to the Big Easy. "We're here to work," said Juan Sanchez. "We're doing this to build our own houses in Mexico.""

That is one reason why we need to keep them out. They are not hear to build a better America, just a better Mexico.


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