Thursday, March 30, 2006

not really

"But in the ongoing debate over Nebraska's proposed concealed carry law, I find myself torn, perhaps because I'm dealing with it from a painful perspective that forces me to reconsider my own liberal [sic] outlook. My 24-year-old daughter, Rachel, was murdered on May 28 of last year. The man who climbed in through a bedroom window and killed her ......If any of the victims had been carrying a weapon, the outcome of that tragic confrontation would almost certainly have been better; it could hardly have been any worse. "

Actaully the death of your daughter had nothing to do with the conceal and carry laws. She could have owned a gun and kept it in her house, but choose not to. Though conceal and carry may save lives, it had nothing to do with the death of your daugther.


Friday, March 24, 2006

I think he is right

Source:"I would imagine that Russia and China feel that Iranian oil and money is more valuable to them than a non-nuclear Iran is. They are probably correct in that assessment. It is unlikely that a nuclear Iran would be much of a threat to either nation, while Iran being nuclear would weaken the United States.

As an additional bonus, if the U.S. ’solves’ the Iranian problem its own way, that will also probably benefit both China and Russia. Both nations would be happy to see our resources used against Iran, indirectly strengthening their own regional positions. Being able to paint the U.S. as a unilateral cowboy nation would just be a bonus."

Maybe we should call their bluff. I am not suggesting attacking or anything like that, I am suggesting tactical isolation and see what happens. I am pretty much resigned to the fact we can only delay Iran's ascension to the nuclear level. Might as well make it hurt our enemies in the process. I don't consider China and Russia as our enemies, but they sure are not our friends.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One of my dogs

My roomate has a couple of dogs, here is a picture i took of one with my cell phone. He is not even the cute one.

Monday, March 20, 2006

V for Vendetta

So i went to see V for Vendetta, with stewardess and her sister.

Short version
The goverment got blowed up.

Longer version
The goverment was blowed up by a man who believed in the primacy of ideas and the importance of freedom.

Political comments
The government was a religious right wing fascist government that rounded up the sinners and the homosexuals. So that would have to make V a liberal, which since he did not use guns, it is possible. "V for Vendetta" for also had a great line about what happens when people who don't have guns meet people who do.

I really liked the movie and so did the girls. While it had a lot of action, it also had a large amount of dialogue that referenced a lot of shakespeare. The very first meeting between V and EV had the most impressive display of alliteration that I have seen in any movie.

Another thing, what that some of the horrible things the government did in the movie are not really all that impossible. Many of them were done by Hitler.


Monday, March 13, 2006

24:Silent Clock

Edgar was silent clocked, now he can go visit his mother.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Checking in

I do not have internet yet where I am staying, but I hope to have that soon.
Though here goes a quick breakdown on the move.

6 hours closer to girlfriend.
Have cut my commute by over 10 mins, it was around 15 before.
My office is closer to the bathroon by about two thrids.
I also park probably 90 percent closer to my office.
My office has a window, which i can see.
I am living for free.
I am getting paid more.
United States Shooting Academy opens in june

I share a office with someone and that person the window.
I have three roomates, if you don't count the two dogs.
The house I moved into smells funny.
I am making slightly less money, because the state i moved to has a income

Overall i think i came out on top.