Monday, March 20, 2006

V for Vendetta

So i went to see V for Vendetta, with stewardess and her sister.

Short version
The goverment got blowed up.

Longer version
The goverment was blowed up by a man who believed in the primacy of ideas and the importance of freedom.

Political comments
The government was a religious right wing fascist government that rounded up the sinners and the homosexuals. So that would have to make V a liberal, which since he did not use guns, it is possible. "V for Vendetta" for also had a great line about what happens when people who don't have guns meet people who do.

I really liked the movie and so did the girls. While it had a lot of action, it also had a large amount of dialogue that referenced a lot of shakespeare. The very first meeting between V and EV had the most impressive display of alliteration that I have seen in any movie.

Another thing, what that some of the horrible things the government did in the movie are not really all that impossible. Many of them were done by Hitler.



stewardess said...

My thoughts here:

Cubicle said...

wasn't there hot lips

Sojourner said...

This movie had a reference to anal sex.

Cubicle said...

i must have missed that referce, of couse i could not understand much in the beginning. they were using big words.