Friday, March 24, 2006

I think he is right

Source:"I would imagine that Russia and China feel that Iranian oil and money is more valuable to them than a non-nuclear Iran is. They are probably correct in that assessment. It is unlikely that a nuclear Iran would be much of a threat to either nation, while Iran being nuclear would weaken the United States.

As an additional bonus, if the U.S. ’solves’ the Iranian problem its own way, that will also probably benefit both China and Russia. Both nations would be happy to see our resources used against Iran, indirectly strengthening their own regional positions. Being able to paint the U.S. as a unilateral cowboy nation would just be a bonus."

Maybe we should call their bluff. I am not suggesting attacking or anything like that, I am suggesting tactical isolation and see what happens. I am pretty much resigned to the fact we can only delay Iran's ascension to the nuclear level. Might as well make it hurt our enemies in the process. I don't consider China and Russia as our enemies, but they sure are not our friends.


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