Saturday, March 11, 2006

Checking in

I do not have internet yet where I am staying, but I hope to have that soon.
Though here goes a quick breakdown on the move.

6 hours closer to girlfriend.
Have cut my commute by over 10 mins, it was around 15 before.
My office is closer to the bathroon by about two thrids.
I also park probably 90 percent closer to my office.
My office has a window, which i can see.
I am living for free.
I am getting paid more.
United States Shooting Academy opens in june

I share a office with someone and that person the window.
I have three roomates, if you don't count the two dogs.
The house I moved into smells funny.
I am making slightly less money, because the state i moved to has a income

Overall i think i came out on top.


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