Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fighting fascism with Censorship

A British man has just been sentenced to three years in an Austrian prison for publicly denying that the Holocaust occurred. I am of the opinion that the Holocaust did happen, but I am also of the opinion that people should not be imprisoned for presenting their own viewpoints. This guy might be an anti-Semite, and he might be a real scumbag, but if he is then you can try and nail him for that. Denying the Holocaust is disputing an official version of history. If this guy thinks he can make a case, then let him. I don't think he will be successful. But throwing people in jail for speaking out against the official version of events is exactly the kind of sick twisted legacy that the Nazis would have been proud to leave behind. Nice homage Austria.


Cubicle said...

here here

yodi-va said...

I was also under the impression that his statements were made in speeches years ago. He had since shanged his mind and no longer denied the Holocaust. If that's true then they were doubly wrong

Sandcastle said...

That is true. The comments were made in a speech he delivered in Austria in 1988. He has since recanted, but the judge said that he was recanting only to avoid prison.