Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The name of Britney spears new comeback album

Stretchmarks and Cellulite.
curtsy of stewardess


Shorty11122 said...

Congratulations on getting the job! This was my first time to visit your blog and it's very informative. I'm thinking of getting my own handgun now or maybe a good fire extinguisher (my father's suggestion)

Cubicle said...

Sandcastle and I have been low on content recently. I have been swamped looking for a new job and moving. Sandcastle has been busy moving from Iraq back to germany and the likes.

Hopefully the information and fun will pick back up in the future.

Cubicle said...

as far as handguns go. they rock, but it also depends on your use. if you want somthing for home defense, i would suggest looking into shotguns.

I personally use my for homedefense, and carry it with me when i travel.