Monday, February 20, 2006

New Energy

Anyone that has followed this post knows that I am not a big Bush Cheerleader, but I like to give everyone a fair shake. On this note, I am really optimistic about Bush's call to develop alternative energy sources. Oil is a cheap and viable means of producing energy, but given its ultimately limited supply and our current political positions, it needs to be replaced as the only egg in our basket. Ethanol is a great backup choice. It is renewable, more environmentally friendly, and it would be produced in large part by American farmers. Granted, ethanol is only practical at this point with the help of government subsidies, but what would we think about gas prices if the government didn't help to keep them artificially lower than most other parts of the world? And I think nuclear is a good choice for household energy needs. I think we have advanced to the point where we should be able to manage the risks it presents. As much as Bush is criticized for catering to the interests of big business and oil, I think it is great to see him as a proponent of alternative energy.


Sandcastle said...

And I will also be a giant supporter of solar as soon as they find a way to make it more cost effective. I think it would be incredible for everyhome to be at least partially independent with their energy needs.

Cubicle said...

that was what i was thinking, you know we are only about 5 years away from that and have been for the past 10 years.

If you can make solar pay for itself in a year's time, then it will drastically change the way power is created and used.

Though i was reading that it would take the more than the entire agriculture capaticay of the world to produce enough energe though ethanol to replace oil. I think Ethanol is a partial answer.

Sandcastle said...

I think even solar that would pay for itself in 7-10 years would be a great improvement. As far as ethanol, it can't entirely replace oil (as ethanol 85 is still compromised of 15% gasoline) but it could be used to significantly reduce our dependence on foriegn oil.

Cubicle said...

" I think even solar that would pay for itself in 7-10 years would be a great improvement."

i thought we were within that mark already, though i admit that I have not really studied the issue.