Friday, May 14, 2004

I was listening until this....

"The project could also be confused by sealing the warhead in a large balloon so the kill vehicle could not pinpoint its exact location, or tethering several balloons to it. "

While many of the things they said made sense, this one did not. How are you going to get the warhead in the balloon, and have it travel all the way to the US. I would think that if they put the warhead in a balloon we could send a plane to take it out.

I can hear it know.
"The balloon of death is coming, and it is moving so slowly."

While not being able to pinpoint its exact location would be a plus for the warhead, the kill vehicle would be able to pick a location and come close, which if it was in a big balloon, all that would need to be done would be to pop the balloon.

Although if hundreds of thousands of helium balloons where lifted against America in a decisive show of force, I am sure that we would give up right then. Well normal Americans would, the greens would still be upset.

Although, I seriously doubt the missile shield will be able to stop hundreds of missiles with live war heads, at this point. Mostly the report sounded partisan, and it also sounded like to was from people who may not have done much work in it recently. I don't think the report should be rejected though.


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