Saturday, May 22, 2004

Old people are confused?

These comments are related the Medicare debate and seniors having too many choices.

I would like to state that I love old people, god bless them (and they need god's blessing more than most because they have a statistically higher chance of dying than most).

I also don't believe that old people are dumb and incapable of figuring out the new Medicare card issue, I just think it will take them years to figure it out. In general old people don't tend to handle new things as well as other younger people, such as computers. While most of them could still beat me at checkers, if we moved the game to the Internet, I would kick their old butts.

Of course, if my parents where having trouble trying to figure out something, such as a computer, Medicare, or how to eat, I would not expect the government to explain these things to them. I would make sure that I spend the time to figure it out myself, and then I would either make the decision for them or explain it to them so they could. On the other hand, liberals will want the government to take care of their parents and explain their healthcare decision to them also.

My definition of social responsibility is handling your personal responsibilities and handling it so that society does not have to.

Also, they saddest part of the entire debacle, is that old people have to spend their precious little time comparison shopping, when they should be enjoying the Florida sunshine.


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