Wednesday, May 19, 2004

If only war was like highlander

I am showing off my extensive knowledge of geeky television, but I was very bored through college and high school.

But does any one remember the rules to highlander?

There can be only one.
You must take your opponents head to gain their power.
You can't fight on holy ground (churches, cemeteries, etc.)

Most Americans still respect churches, schools, and hospitals. Although, if you shoot at us from them or hide weapons in them, we don't respect holy ground enough to ignore the threat.

If these holy sites where so important to the people fighting (because they are fighting for a free Iraq, and these holy sites are part of the Iraq heritage), why do they stage their offensive maneuvers from them? Either their is a loop hole in the Koran that allows non-infidels to fight from holy sites, store weapons, live there (I am not reading the entire thing to figure that one out), or the people fighting us don't care anymore about the holy ground than we do, and are just hiding behind their religion.

I tend to think it is the latter.


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