Thursday, May 06, 2004

American had better watch out.

While the Fox administration may embrace US political views, many Mexicans do not. Tuesday, some 2,000 Mexicans marched in the capital waving Cuban flags and calling for Fox's resignation. "Cuba, yes! Yankees, no!" they shouted. "The Mexican people love Cuba!"

I was not aware of the world's love for Cuba, much less Mexico's love for the small, improvised, and communist nation. I just don't see how a rational person can like Cuba. I can see how a rational person can respect what Castro has done. Stay in power his entire life, but not the methods he uses to stay in power. Latin America has a few people who refuse to stand up and point fingers at Cuba. They might just see a little too much of their own style in Castro to feel comfortable pointing fingers.

Argentina's close relationship with the US in the 1990s indirectly led to a economic collapse that brought left-leaning Nestor Kirchner to the nation's presidency, only months after Brazil elected Luíz Inácio Lula da Silva, a former union organizer. Each has worked to create a free trade area that doesn't include the US.

I don't see the problem here, if they don't want to play with the US that is fine. Although, once they enter into a real trade agreement, they won't be calling the shots any more. Every country will have a say, which given time America will work to reduce trade barriers with the trade bloc, which will act more rationally than an individually country which has a problem with the US.

Relations between the US and Latin America are at a dangerous low," says political analyst Andres Oppenheimer. "A return to the times of chaos and instability could convert itself into a serious problem for the national security of the United States."

Given this entire article said, you wonder why Latin America can't seem to get on its feet. They like Cuba and they are trying to cut us out of economic deals. Which I would never cut America out of economic deals, I would just make sure I got a larger cut than America got, but of course since we are better than them, that would be impossible.


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