Wednesday, May 19, 2004

That is a lot

The nerve gas thing was a small issue in my mind. It did not confirm the existence of large amounts of WMD's in Iraq, but it is enough to make me think there is more of the stuff.

Then I read the fox article about it:

Tests on an artillery shell that blew up in Iraq on Saturday confirm that it did contain an estimated three or four liters of the deadly nerve agent sarin, Defense Department officials told Fox News Tuesday.

I thought it was a few ounces worth, not a few liters worth. That does change my perception of the event in my mind.

As far as the people who used it knowing if it had sarin it:

First, did know they if the shell had sarin it in?
Answer: They would have if they had proper training.

Secondly, would they have touched it if they knew it had sarin in it.
Answer: They would have if they had proper training.

Thirdly, could a person who did not have proper training could tell by the design of the shell it contained liquid?
Answer: If you could hear it sloshing around on the in side, then yes.


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