Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Why did they say that?

The casualty toll was mercifully better than expected: roughly 3,000 men were killed on the first day of Overlord (about the same number of people murdered in the attacks of September 11, 2001).

What was the point of that, it was also less than Saddam killed when he bombed the Kurds, it was also less than what the americans have killed during the Iraq war, it is about the same number the japs killed during pearl harbor.

Early in 1942 Roosevelt asked his listeners to have a map at hand to follow along as he explained the global situation, and stationery stores sold out their inventories.

Ever notice that Iraq is in the exact middle of the middle east, where we can intercept terrorist traveling in and around Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Saudia Arabia?

according to a senior official, the result of the administration's recognizing earlier mistakes, even if Bush himself would not concede a single misstep when asked about the war in his recent (rare) press conference.

I have heard rare associted with every single press confreence that the president has done.


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