Friday, May 07, 2004

Sex, lies, and video tapes§ion=news

It's not enough for the American president to punish the troops who committed the odious practices and it's not enough that the national security adviser (Condoleezza Rice) apologizes," commentator Ghassan Sharbal wrote in the London-based pan-Arab newspaper al-Hayat.

"It's not enough for Bush to be indignant... What they need to do is take an immediate decision to withdraw their forces from Iraq, confess the terrible injustice they have done to Iraq and apologize in public for what their troops have done," added Egyptian columnist Ahmed el-Birri in Egypt's al-Ahram.

"In the end we say to them (Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair): 'Enough of your illusions. The time of empires has passed and will never return.'," he added.

This is what I am hearing...America is evil because they are doing the job that we should have done, but were afraid to do.
Their are two options I see here. Either Arabs have a serious I-think-I-am-right-all-the-time-complex or many of the Arab cultures can't critique their own governments, so the only country they can critique is America.

Iraq is closer to a free nation than it has been in 20 years, and I can assure you that America has not intention of taking of that pathetic country for very long. In five years you will be lusting after their plump young virgins, and curse yourself and your children for not being of Iraq lineage. That is how those people say things over there. Here is a southern English translation: Damn, Ani't Iraq doing pretty good fer it's ole'self.

The United States should allow family visits to the hundreds of Muslim detainees at Gunatanamo, some of whom have spent over two years in custody without trial, and allow an independent investigation of detention conditions, he said.

How are they going to get there? They can't make it through the security checkpoints at the airports, because their names are on the most wanted lists. Also, shouldn't their limited money be spent on blowing America up, instead of visiting family that tried to blow America up.

"No matter how hard Bush pledges to punish those responsible, there will be no guarantee these barbaric acts will stop as long as the sovereignty of the people of Iraq is violated by foreign occupation," said the Qatar paper al-Watan.

I belief that everything has a price, even your life has a dollar amount attached to it. Buy taking over Iraq, we have increased the value of their lives, because now the world actually cares what happens to them. Which is a great improvement over before, when no one cared. Now we just need to work out magic in all the other Arab countries, most of Africa, china, and north Korea.

Well no one points out the fact that these tortured people in Iraq, are still alive to talk about it, which is better than they would have gotten a year ago.


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