Tuesday, May 04, 2004

That new fangled dangled rock in roll

I went and spend some time hanging out with the youth of America this weekend.

I saw Switchfoot, Fuel, Paul Thorn, Live, Foo Fighters, heard from afar Charlie Daniels Band and O.A.R.

I was bored halfway though Foo Fighters, they put on a good show, I was just tried of standing in a large crowd, tried of standing in the mud, tried of standing in the rain, tired of getting hit with people crowd surfing, and tired of getting knocked around like a skinny 15 year old. Then they played everlong, and I was happy again. I was afraid that I was getting old and could not hang with all the little cute children moshing and crowd surfing. All I needed was my favorite song from the band, and it was all good.

In general, i would say that if the average kid is twice as smart as most of the people i saw this weekend, america is screwed. The fun-in-the-middle terrorist are going to kick our butts. As i will say from know on, if you want to feel good about yourself, go see the morons at the rock concert.

Although, if you want a great take on life in the south, check out Paul thorn. I loved him, and may start writing love letters to him.



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