Sunday, May 09, 2004

Those crazy Canadians

The Prime Minister recognized nonetheless that private clinics that cater to the wealthy are flourishing because of the lack of funding for the public health-care system, where patients are often placed on long waiting lists. Opposition parties have blamed the Liberal Leader for cutting that funding in the 1990s when he was finance minister.

I thought it was a good thing for the government to allow people to pay for their own healthcare. Wouldn't it save the government money, and ease the load on the national health care system.

A number of clinics in Quebec offer immediate X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations to those who can afford it, while other patients can wait weeks or months for the same services in the public system.

The only times I have ever gotten an X-ray are at the dentist and when I have had broken bones. I would never wait weeks for an x-ray or MRI if I thought that I needed one. I would just rather pay for it myself, and not wait in line.

Questions about Dr. Elman dominated Mr. Martin's pre-campaign swing through a region of Quebec where the Liberals hope to win seats from the Bloc Qu'b'cois. The Bloc wants to make health-care funding a major election issue.

They are not worried about securing America's boarder from terrorist, but they care if everyone gets free health care. I don't think they should worry about securing America's boarder, when American secures our boarder, they can't really yell and scream about all they people that are ending up stuck in Canada.


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