Monday, December 03, 2007

Match Ranking

I only posted a few hours ago about how I did in my first IDPA match. Already, I have had many people ask how I did. I could give you a bunch of numbers to read and let you figure it out or...I could give you a picture.

Here are the match scores below. I am the one in the green.

My squad shot the match backwards. We started at the sixth stage and worked to the first stage. The first one I started out strong, but that was just beginners luck. From the fifth to the first, I steadily improved. My final place was third from the bottom. The first column is my overall rank. I shot ESP Unclassified and beat the other person who was unclassified and one who was classified as marksman. I have also discovered that I don't slap my women, but I slap my trigger.



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