Friday, January 25, 2008

CFLs: A Republican's dream?

If you hate the environment and love money, the invisible hand has created just what you need. They are called CFLs (Compact fluorescent Lights). These lights save your money by using less of your electricity than the normal incandescent light bulbs and they last for thousands of hours.

They destroy the environment, because they have lead and mercury in them. When you toss them in the trash, they will poison the earth for thousands of years to come. You would recycle them if it was in your best interest. If you are caught just say you didn't know what "Dispose of properly" meant.

And get this, certain states want to make incandescent light bulbs illegal. So these environmental time bombs will be your only choice. Heh, those crazy eviron-ists think they are so smart.



Lady Arden said...

Republicans, who are they? All the rest of the world sees of American politics right now is Barack Obama. Seriously, it's pathetic. You'd think he was the only candidate running if you listen to news abroad. Even when they showed news of the recent tornadoes in Arkansas and Tennessee they showed "Presidential Candidate Barack Obama" extending sympathy to the victims, as if he were already the new president.

The funniest support of him that I've heard in person was someone saying "He really does have experience you know, it's just not widely known" Followed by (from the same person) "You don't need experience anyway. Politicians are all corrupt; it's good he's new to politics."

stewardess said...

ROFL! That's hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle.

Anonymous said...

At least you will feel good about yourself while using the bulbs. And in the end, feeling good about yourself (while telling others how to live their lives) is what it is all about.


Corwin said...

I don't like Republicans either but I think the bulbs are a good idea.

Few innovations are perfectly harmless but the Wikipedia article states the following:

1) Switching to a CFL can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2000 times the CFL's weight.

2) The mercury emitted by a CFL is estimated to be somewhat less than the mercury emitted by an incandescent.

Now I don't believe in outlawing appliances. I think that the states talking about outlawing old bulbs should tax them until they cost the same amount as CFLs.

In that case, stores will be reluctant to push old bulbs and the public will just proceed to buy CFLs.

The public would benefit from the energy savings because you are correct about the fact that it is cheaper to light a CFL.

I don't like how American culture is becoming hypercritical about changes and advances in science. I think this is one part of the reason why the science market is moving off-shore.

America WILL be using energy more sparingly with the new bulbs, thus becoming more akin to less wasteful societies.