Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Tech Support

Recently i spent around two hours trying to figure out a technical problem that i was having.

I was trying to register a dll. I was getting this error:

"DllRegisterServer (or DllUnregisterServer) in (nameofdll) failed.
Return code was: 0x80004005"

I did some looking on the internet and did not really find much. Asked a guy down the hall. He thought it was permissions. I was sure that it was not because i was also registering another dll, and it worked fine.

I then went back to the net, and found someone who was having problems registering a dll for a web class of some kind. They were having problems because the runtime for the webclass was not installed. The particular dll that i was having problems with was a VFP8 dll. So i installed the VFP8 runtime, and did not have any problems at all. The other dll worked because it was a VB 6 dll, and the VB runtime was already installed.

Hope this helps some poor soul in the future.


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