Friday, January 28, 2005

Microsoft cuts off the updates

"Beginning in February, the company will require users of Windows XP in Norwegian, Czech and Simplified Chinese languages to participate in the pilot program, which verifies the authenticity of a copy of Windows before releasing any updates to it."

Microsoft is treading on unstable ground. They know the effects of this program. It could cause general havoc with the internet. If a nasty virus is let loose, and only those who have paid for the software are able to download the update (which it is estimated that one third of the people do not have valid licenses), you are going to have a permanent problem on you hand.

I would guess that Microsoft knows exactly how many updates they have sent out and exactly how many windows disks they have sold. I think Microsoft might be trying to send a message to countries that it is time to crack down on theft of their software.

I for one am proud of Microsoft. Though, someone who things that Microsoft is important enough to be considered a public good, might try to force Microsoft to give them the updates for free. I have no idea how they would force Microsoft to do that, but they could try to hack the process somehow after Microsoft has released the update to non-pirated versions.



Vestigial Fish said...

Tough to blame MS on this one. They have been pretty good about supporting their software. In fact, they have done so for far longer periods of time than most other companies, even backporting fixes to NT4.0 after they halted official support. Try getting security updates for RedHat 4.x or the Suse equivalent.

Cubicle said...

what i am talking about is the nationalization of a software company. I can see some countires getting very pissed that they are not getting updates, and trying to force MS to give the the updates anyways.

Of course i think MS had decided to fight on this one.

Cubicle said...

btw, where have you been.