Friday, January 14, 2005

Some odd finds

The first odd find of the day was Nestle Butterfinger hot Cocoa mix. According to the package it is chocolatey and peanut-buttery. I can know attest to that fact. I was impressed with my drink. It tasted very close to what an actual butterfinger tastes like.

This guy and his readers do not know anything about this. In fact, i would say he probably works for Hershey.

I think that they guy probably did not read the directions. One package for every 6 to 8 oz of water. I know i have an 14 oz mug, so i added two packages. My drink was warm, smooth, and thick.

The second odd find of the day was from a friend how sent me some information about this guy that they are going to be staying with in New York. The guy offered them a place for free, and they found him through

In the FAQ:

"But is this safe???This is one of our most commonly asked questions. We like to answer this in a couple ways. First, not just anyone can become a vouched for OR verified member. All new prospective members can only become vouched for if they are referred by an existing already vouched for member (or if they meet a get vouched for after they sign up). Every user is linked to the other users he/she knows in the system through a network of References and Friend Links. These features help other users determine how trustworthy you are, based on the quantity and 'quality' of the people you know and also if you've been vouched for.

Secondly, we offer verification. By verifying you, we check to make sure your name and address are correct via the verification system. Once you are verified, your profile will show that you are verified. Other people viewing your profile may feel safer about communicating with and meeting you because you are verified. Some people choose to ONLY communicate with other verified members. It's all about your own personal preferences and feeling about safety. For some people, verification may not be important. For others, it is crucial. It's up to you.

Please Note: You do not need to be vouched for or verified to sign up as a member of We encourage you to sign up and join the community. As time progresses, we hope that you will become both vouched for and/or verified to help strengthen the community!"

I feel much better about my friend now. Odd, just odd. This is why i make enough money to rent a hotel.



Dave Justus said...

I don't even like staying with relatives when I travel.

Sojourner said...

The butterfinger kind is good but avoid the s'mores at all cost. That box is still sitting there now a month later collecting dust.