Thursday, January 13, 2005

My truck

Well, my new-to-me S10 feels like it is my truck now. When I first got it last week, they wanted to keep it an extra day to clean it for delivery. I was renting a car with my own cash and waiting an extra day did not appeal to me. So once they processed it (which that involved close to a 1000 dollars of work (new brakes, new belts, new battery, repacked the bearings, and new windshield because the other one was cracked)) and I took it without waiting for them to clean it.

Today I finally got around to dropping it off for them to clean. I was feeling ok with my purchase. It was a good deal, and I knew that in my mind, but my truck just did not feel like I owned it....yet.

Tonight when I went to pick it up after work, I was shocked at how shiny it was under the lights, and at that moment it became mine and I was close to loving it. It still needed a little bit of work to make it comfortable, but it was mine and it felt like it.

When I got home I put the mats I bought for it in, and they fit. I put the steering wheel cover I bought. I read the manual on how to work the CD disc changer. I loaded 6 of my favorite CD's into the disc changer. I put rain-x on the windshield. Then for the final touch I bough a visor organizer from Wal-Mart to hold the card to my apartment gate, remote control for the cd disc changer, and my pocket knife.

Now all I need are some tie downs, I found a set in camo I liked at wal-mart.


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