Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Giving your enemy what they want

The comments the UN official made about the US being "stingy" had the major pundits (Rush and Sean) up in arms. I feel the exact same way that many feel when they receive criticism, it hurts and I get mad. While agree with what rush and Sean are saying on this matter, i disagree with their reaction to what the official said, Sean more than rush in this area.

Have you ever been in a position of knowing what pushes a person's button? You can say something and you know it will bother them for a little while, maybe even start a fight. There are two actors in this situation the person saying the thing to piss the person off and the person who gets pissed off.

The person who said the words they knew would piss you off are immature and are just jerking you chain. By giving that person what they want (an emotional reaction), you are giving that person a certain amount of perverse power over you. Not to mention they are gaining pleasure over your emotional state. As a rational mature person, it is your job to make sure that the person who started it does not receive the effect they sought. That UN official is wrong, and that is all i have to say. I will not bother documenting how that person i wrong because it only feeds the emotional fire.

The person who started it is making us look like a lot of insensitive children. In this entire emotional exchange, they are they ones who come out on top, while we just look childish. In fact our loud reaction could cover all our giving with mixed intentions. Is the US giving just to show that we are not stingy or are we giving because we want to help?

When the UN says things, I am not suggesting to just take it on the butt, but quickly and quietly denounce it with reasons why they are wrong then MOVE on.


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