Thursday, January 06, 2005

I only watch two shows

I watch survivor and 24 on a regular basis, i seldom miss and episode and when i do a friend has recorded it for me and i watch it as soon as possible.

Sunday night is a big night for me and my friends. 24 has a 2 hour premier Sunday night and then on Monday night it has another 2 hour stretch.

I disagree with the fox article describing 24. The say about 24 that "ssurprise is what makes "24" tick, and there should be plenty of it as Jack Bauer embarks on a fourth season of saving the world from terrorists."

I watch the show just to watch Jack kick some ass. I watch it to see exactly how far he will go. I am NOT surprised when Jack kills a few people because he needs to, wants to, the no longer server his purposes, i actually expect it. I watch the show because I know that i am getting 24 shows of action, drama, and explosions.

I will admit that Jack Bauer is one of the only men that i have ever had a man-crush on. For example one time, there was a guy behind a wall, and Jack new he was there but could not see him. Jack just double tapped the wall and killed the guy, that is why we like Jack Bauer. Not to mention the time that jack cut off a guys head to get back into his deep cover.


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