Thursday, January 27, 2005

Two more domestic terrorist bite the dust

"When two men walked into a popular country store outside Atlanta, announced a holdup and fired a shot, owners Bobby and Gloria Doster never hesitated. The pair pulled out their own pistols and opened fire."

Later in the article you read a little more about what happened.

"One man grabbed Gloria Doster and pushed her toward the register. She said the other kept his gun on her 62-year-old husband, who also goes by the name Shoats.

She said she tried to open the register, but one of the men told her she wasn't moving fast enough and tried to shoot her husband. He missed -- and his gun jammed.

At that point, Bobby Doster pulled out a .380-caliber handgun and shot one of the suspects. Gloria Doster then went for a 9 mm pistol she keeps near the register."

judging by the picture of the guy i am willing to be that his gun was a revolver, though sometimes people surprise you. It said the wife had a 9mm, i was probably an autoloader of some kind.

I will leave you with one finial quote from the lady of the house.

"I just started shooting," said Gloria Doster, 56. "I was trying to blow his brains out is what I was trying to do."


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