Monday, January 03, 2005

My home town is in the news again

El Dorado, AR - A massive explosion at a local plant forces the evacuation of hundreds of residents today. A fire broke out at the Teris plant just after eight this morning, creating explosions that could be felt for miles. Residents reported hearing a series of explosions and one person said it rattled the windows of his home.

Officials are now assessing the problem at the facility, formerly known as the Ensco plant. The vice president of operations at the plant, Doug Riley, said a worker discovered the fire and that it was out by this afternoon "except for one small area in the storage building.''The company and fire and police departments agreed to let the fire burn out rather than send firefighters into the hazardous area.

Thirty people were working at the plant when the fire broke out and no one was injured. Right now the fire is still burning, and officials say they do not know when it will all be contained.

I called my mom and talked to her. My uncle was at my parent's house because either he was not allowed into his house because of the fire or the fumes scared him away. It is amazing that no one was hurt.



Sojourner said...

What kind of plant is Teris?

Cubicle said...

"TERIS is an industry leader in hazardous waste management. We are a financially and structurally stable company, supplying high quality disposal, transportation, and on-site hazardous waste management services.

Through advanced technology, over 25 years experience, and ISO 9002 certification, our people work to provide complete regulatory compliance, a secure workplace and a safe environment."

It is a small town so i am sure that i know someone (or know someone who knows someone who works thier)

Dave Justus said...

I'm glad no one was hurt and that your family is ok.